EVS or Environmental Studies helps the children to know about the

EVS or Environmental Studies helps the children to know
about the environment. This is one subject which doesn’t
need cramming and children get so much of interest in it.
There are many methods of teaching EVS which can cater the
interest of learners. In fact, many methods are already being
used by the teachers. Each and every topic needs different
kind of methods to teach.
When we correlate EVS with language, it creates interest
of the students in EVS in relation to the language.
For example, In class I, Our helpers can be taught with the
help of Rhymes or by showing them the Power Point
presentation. So I have made some rhymes for the students
to enhance their creativity & interest.
A Role Play competition was organized & all the students
participated with enthusiasm.
Our helpers – Class I
Doctor, Doctor
Please treat me
I want to be healthy
What’s the key?
Plumber, Plumber
Check my tap
Water is not coming
See the gap.
Barber, Barber
Cut my hair
Then I’ll look
Much fair.
Postman, Postman
give me mail
I know you will
never fail.
Tailor, Tailor
stitch my dress.
Then, I’ll look
beautiful and fresh.
Teacher, Teacher
teach me well.
You’ll ask me
and I’ll tell.
Painter, Painter
paint my home
Please make it
look like Rome.
Nurse, Nurse
Please take care
I am not well
give me chair.
Cook, Cook
make my dish.
Very tasty
using a fish.
Driver, driver
drive the car
drive it slow
and very far.
WATCHMAN : Watchman, Watchman
watch the gate.
Look for the thieves
& save our fate.
Waiter, Waiter
serve the food
please give me quick &
brighten my mood.
Soldier, Soldier
shoot the enemy
please save my country
and me.
POLICEMAN : Policeman, Policeman
Catch the thief
You will save us
We have belief.
Coolie, Coolie
Carry my bag
For your head
Please wear your rag
LAWYER : Lawyer, Lawyer
Solve the case
Please help me with what
We face.
Pilot, Pilot
Fly the plane .
Let me ride
& take the pride
In class II , a rhyme on “food we eat” is prepared to
summarise the chapter
Bread ,butter , milk and wheat ,
This is what I have to eat.
To make me fit & keep me fine,
to grow & grow and make me shine.
Rice and fruits and eggs and meat,
This is what I surely eat.
In class III, students are encouraged to make a
rhyme on water with my help :A little drop of water, drop, drop, drop.
Helps us to grow a crop, crop, crop.
Animal like rabbit hop, hop, hop.
Just clean the floor with mop, mop, mop.
A little drop of water, drop, drop, drop.
Water comes on earth by Rain, Rain, Rain.
Flows down the river and Drain, Drain, Drain.
It is a source of water main, main, main.
From the clouds to earth like train, train, train.
In class IV , Some riddles on houses can be made.
I am a house,
I move on wheel.
In plains or in mountains,
Take me wherever you feel.
Mud, Stone and Bamboo sticks
To make this house, that’s
What you pick.
- Kuchcha House
In Kerala & Kashmir , I float
I am house on a boat.
- House Boat / Shikara
House on house like towers
Made of cement , bricks & iron bars
- Multi storey building
If you want to live in snow
Then make a house like me of snow.
- Igloo
A riddle for class V on tiger is created by me to
cater the interest of the children:-
I have sensitive whiskers with sharp eyes,
Prey can’t run even if he tries.
I can move in dark & hear so fast.
My ears can move in all directions,
And can hear sound so vast.
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