• How do you think abolitionists were treated
by those who supported slavery?
Slavery and Abolition
• Abolitionists speak out
• Abolitionist William Lloyd
Garrison alienates many
whites with his radical
• Most free blacks are
denied the opportunity to
rise above the limitations
imposed by white society
• Escaped slave Frederick
Douglass becomes the
voice in the abolitionist
Slavery and Abolition
• Life under slavery
• Urban slaves are often
given more freedom
and better jobs than
rural slaves who toil
long hours
• Nat Turner leads a
bloody slave revolt
which results in the
deaths of many blacks
and whites
Slavery and Abolition
• Slave owners oppose
• In Virginia a proposal to
abolish slavery is defeated,
ending the debate on the
issue in the South
• Fearing more slave revolts,
Southern states impose
harsh regulations on free
and enslaved blacks
• Southern congressmen use
the “gag rule” to prevent
debate on the slavery issue
Class work
• Complete workbook exercise on page 34 for
your notes
• Read Chapter 8, Section 3
• Complete Section 3 assessment on page 239