Explain How the Northwest Ordinance established principles and

How the Northwest Ordinance established principles and
procedures for orderly expansion of the United States
Including, but not limited to
Orderly procedure for establishing territories and applying
for statehood
As a territory grew in population, it gained rights to self
To become a state, the following requirements had to be
At least 5,000 men who owned at least 50 acres
60,000 people
Established self-government
Your turn to Apply
• Write a letter applying for statehood. Include
the amount of men, the amount of land
owned by each man on average, and the
amount of over all people seeking to create a
self government. For fun include the name of
your state you are trying to create.
Reasons for Manifest Destiny
• Economic
– New land for farmers; new trade routes and markets(
Santa Fe Trail) ; new opportunities to start a business
• Political
– Expansion of our nation’s borders/ territory;
expansion of slavery
• Social
– Remove Native Americans; refuge for persecuted
groups (Mormons)
• Explain the causes and effects of the trail of
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