English 255
EAWR Chpt 4 – Logic
FFN Chpts 1-3, +Introduction
Reading Journal 2 / Quiz
Discussion Group Participation points:
20 for original comment
(use your reading journal!)
5 for each reply to the comment of others
(Deliverable: Group Discussion Form)
Quiz will be on:
EAWR Chpt 4, (3,2)
FFN Chpts 1-2
Fast Food Nation Intro + Chpt 1-2
Group Analysis
• What are some of his main points thus far?
• Give 1 -2 quotes that support (Give evidence for) his main
• How is he supporting each point: Pathos? Ethos? Logic?
(yes, it can be a combination of the 3, but explain how so)
1 pg per group
Class presentation
Fast Food Nation Claims
• Fast food has infiltrated
American society (3)
• Americans spend more now
on fast food than on… (3)
• Car culture helped build fast
food culture (15)
• The automobile industry
tried to wipe out the
competition (16)
• McDonalds represents
conformity; Hells Angels
represent rebellion. (21)
• Fast food is the American
way – the lowest of the low
can make it BIG - orphans,
drop outs, salesmen (22)
• Progress- the loss of the
orange groves – is bad (28)
• Fast food is marketed to
children (40-57)
• Disney was a role model for
Kroc (34).
• So many more!!!
What is Logic?
• Using reliable information and inference
• Which of these is logical, then?
A.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet
2. Jane has a cat
3. Therefore, Jane has a pet
A. Valid
B. Invalid
B.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet
2. Jane has a pet
3. Therefore, Jane has a cat
This argument form is commonly
mistaken as being valid. Notice that
even if the premises are true, the
conclusion could still be false: Jane
could have a dog.
C.1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet
2. It is not the case that Jane has a pet
3. Therefore, it is not the case that Jane has a cat
1. If Jane has a cat, then Jane has a pet
What is Evidence? #1, pg 93
Which of these is Hard Evidence? Which is Rational appeal?
1. The bigger they are, the
6. Apple – rational
harder the fall. Rational.
7. Cutting taxes – both hard
2. Drunk drivers are involved
evidence and rational
in more than 50% of traffic 8. Fear – rational
deaths. Hard evidence.
9. Air bags – hard evidence
“involved” is the key word
3. DNA… Hard evidence.
4. marriage…Hard evidence
5. Psychologist..Hard
• Believing a point vs proving/providing evidence
• Premise: Students shouldn’t be allowed to own cars.
• “Students have more accidents than older drivers.”
– search for evidence of this claim
• “The costs of owning a car make students work
more, giving them less time to study.”
– Search for facts and figures to back this up.
• “Not having cars encourages students to spend more time on
campus or with other students, increasing their involvement
with and commitment to school life.”
– Create poll, poll class members, and discuss when we can
rely on our own experience or that of people we know,
and when we need a larger sample size.
Logic/Reasoning Evidence
EAWR Chpt 4: Using Logic
Choose one of these claims
(or use a claim agreed upon by your
group and approved by Mrs. T)
• Standardized tests do not
demonstrate student
• Parents of bullies should be
• America needs more holidays.
• MP3s should be free.
• Higher education should be
Support the claim
using each
(research these online)
Deliverable: Each group member
contributes one (or more) an
example to support your claim
using one of the listed.
1 pg, class presentation
Proposals and Options for the Final
• Exam – 4hr long
– multiple choice, short
answer, 2 essay questions
• Presentations:
– Fast Food Nation analysis
– Demonstration of one topic
(definition, logic, etc)
• Other ideas? Email me!
We will vote next week
Paper 1
Written Paper Requirements:
• Outline required
• typed, 12-pt Times Roman
type, double spaced (MLA).
• 2,000 words (approximately
four pages).
• At least five (5) references to
other people’s work.
• Use MLA formatting for intext citations and the Works
Cited page.
• Works Cited page (MLA
Writing Guidelines:
• Brainstorm possible
• Create an outline of the
main ideas
• Find evidence to support
the main ideas with
supporting detail
• Write a draft paper
• Complete the Works
Cited Page
• Make final revisions
(Your paper grade is based on)
Grammar and Word Use:
Point of the essay is clear. Details and specifics make
story memorable. Content is appropriate for audience. (30 points)
Introduction gains attention and good will, sets
the tone, builds credibility. Transitions lead smoothly from one
detail and or/paragraph to another. Ending (conclusion) ties the
essay together. (30 points)
Grammar is correct. Word use is
formal and appropriate to the topic. (10 points)
Capitalization and Punctuation:
Capitalization and
punctuation are correctly used. (10 points)
Appropriate in-text citations (MLA style) are used.
Works Cited page (MLA style) is included (20 points)
Paper Schedule
Topic Selection/Outline – 05/03/2011
Bring Rough Draft – 05/10/2011
Edit (in class 05/10/2011)
Final draft due in class 05/10/2011
• My expectation – you will be able to use Logos,
Pathos, and Ethos to persuade a reader.
Side note: Fast food is now
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