Science/ELA Speech Project - Montgomery County Schools

Mind Muse
a. Write your learning target.
b. Refute (argue against) this
Many people believe Valentine’s
Day is a silly holiday and
shouldn’t be celebrated.
*Do it – even if you agree with
the counterclaim!!
Science/ELA Speech
Arguments on Energy
Note from Mrs. Thomas
Unfortunately, my little girl has the flu and I have to go home and
take care of her.  (It’s gross. I love her and all, but…ew.)
I trust that you will be on your best behavior and make choices
that would reflect your integrity and common sense. In other words
– don’t be mean, deceitful, or disrespectful.
Enormous congratulations to 2nd block for a perfect sub score
yesterday and a HUUUGGE shout out to 4th block for being
fabulous! You received a great compliment!  Treats for both
classes on Friday! I’ll double it if you can repeat your awesomeness today! I am very proud of you guys!
6th block – you know how I feel about your behavior yesterday. You
have a big choice to make. Show me that you are mature enough to
correct your mistakes. You can still earn a good score today.
Work hard today. Hang on to Tic-Tac-Vo. We will take the test
Today’s Agenda
Daily Focus/Mind Muse
Review counterclaim
Develop a counterclaim regarding coal using videos on both
sides of the coal debate
Receive writing prompts for ELA/Science Speech Project
Select a prompt to respond to
Brainstorm claim & supporting reasons/evidence for speech
1. Focus on the definition of COUNTERCLAIM & REBUTTAL.
Write an explanation that tells the relationship between these
two terms. How do they work together?
As the cool kids say…
A counterclaim/Rebuttal combo is like a sick burn.
It’s NOT
“You’re stupid.”
“Your face is stupid.”
Counterclaim/Rebuttal is more intelligent (i.e. sicker). ;)
You are ‘burning’ the opponent before they even get a chance to
speak. It’s a psychic burn.
Sample Counterclaim
Claim- Although they are traditionally seen as a distraction,
students should be able to bring cell phones to school
because digital literacy can be used for educational
Many teachers argue that students should not be able to
bring cell phones to school because they could use them to
communicate during a test. Although there are risks
associated with allowing students to have cell phones in
schools, with proper regulations like collecting them on test
days the benefits outweigh the risks. According to the article,
“Using Mobile Phones to Improve Educational Outcomes” by
John-Harmen Valk, “social interaction is central to effective
learning, as indicated by theories of new learning, mobile
phones should also impact educational outcomes by
facilitating communication”.
+ Practice
Choose ONE claim about coal. Write it on your paper
-Coal should continue to be used as an energy resource.
-Coal should NOT be used as an energy resource.
2. Watch videos. Take notes on what the ‘Other Side’ says about coal. You
will use this for your counterclaim statement. Listen to ‘Your Side’ in
order to have rebuttal material.
Pro-Coal videos
Click the link below & watch
videos “Losing Power” &
“Coal = Future”
Clean Coal USA
Anti-Coal videos
Click the links below and
watch video.
Now write…
3. Now write a counterclaim/rebuttal paragraph for your
Use the poster on counter claim (see white board) to guide
your structure.
Be sure to include:
-counterclaim statement (starter + counterclaim)
-argument against counterclaim (However, + rebuttal)
-developed evidence make the evidence 2+ sentences
Get ready for your speech.
Using your notes from yesterday (in class) and the notes from science class…
Which energy source are you in favor of the most? Choose 1.
wind, coal, solar, nuclear, natural gas, geothermal
List 6 reasons why you support that energy source.
List 3 counterclaims that other people may have against your energy source.
List 10+ facts, evidence, examples, and details (statistics, stories, examples,
evidence from research, etc.) that you could use in to support your reasons in #5.
Use notes and handouts from yesterday.
Start listing ways you can rebuttal and argue against the counterclaims you
wrote in #6.
HAND IN PAPERS (notebook & 1/2sheets)Guest teacher will
put in tray.
Study for vocabulary test tomorrow.
Complete Tic Tac Vo due tomorrow.
Read your literature circle book.
Read a newspaper.
Level 0 – Do not be disruptive or OFF TASK. Off task is doing
anything other than the above activities.
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