Creating Online Resources for the Educating All Students Test

Developing Online Resources
for the
Educating All Students (EAS) test
Karen N. Bell, Ph.D.
NYACTE/NYSATE Pre-Conference Workshop
October 15, 2014
Teacher and Leader
Education Network
The development of these resources is
supported by Race to the Top funding granted
by the New York State Education Department.
Teacher and Leader
Education Network
Downstate Region – Hudson Valley, NYC
and Long Island
Downstate Regional Project
• Develop online resource modules for the
Educating All Students (EAS) test
• Use the expertise of faculty from the various
• Organize the resource materials so they are
user-friendly and available to a wide audience
Martha Young, SUNY New Paltz
Emily Fiore, SUNY New Paltz
Patricia Isaac, Empire State College
Annette Shideler, University at Stony Brook
Joy Janzen, University at Stony Brook
Terry Earley, University at Stony Brook
Amy Hsu, SUNY Old Westbury
Carmen Kasper, SUNY Old Westbury
Working with English Language
• Offered free standalone 3-hr workshops,
one was videotaped
• Offered multiple sections of a one-credit
modular course. PowerPoints prepared by
the course instructor.
Modifying Resources for
• Chunking the PowerPoint presentation into
multiple smaller units
• Narrating PowerPoint slides using Camtasia
and saving in MP4 video format
• Uploading videos to YouTube
• Developing a webmix using Symbaloo to
organize the resources
Materials developed by our partners
• Each campus interpreted the assignment
differently and developed unique materials
• Similar content exists within more than one
module from differing perspectives
• Currently assessing gaps and continuing to
develop more resources
• Looking to expand with a webmix for the
Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)
Educating All Students webmix
Reflections on the Project
Your thoughts?