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Welcome to the
Secondary PGCE
Mentor meeting
Our Aim
The ultimate aim is to produce innovative,
reflective and self-motivated practitioners who are
able to respond to the learning needs of their
pupils in a creative way to facilitate engagement in
the learning process and provide a range of
appropriate learning experiences relevant
throughout secondary age phases.
The team
Fiona Woodhouse
Nina Barnes
Jayne Price
Geraldine Allport
Angie Vickerson
Joanna Vickers
Brian Coughlan
Rod Robertson
Ed Southall
Thank you
• Thank you for the support you gave to the trainees in
placement 1.
• Some have done really well, some have found it more
Developing partnership
Reflecting on placement 1 and thinking about placement 2
what would have been/be useful/helpful
• From us
• Trainees
Subject Mentors
Aims for today...
• Become familiar with the revised documentation and
assessment procedures for 2014-15 and the PGCE
website and expectations/requirements placement 2
• Consider the teaching/support and assessment
requirements for the trainees including evidencing the
teachers’ standards and grading of trainees
• Ensure that we are working as a partnership.
New Mentors
• Information
• February 11 2015 @4pm
Aims for teaching practice placement
• Provides the opportunity for trainees to achieve many of the
outcomes for the course
• Develop their experience in teaching their own specialism
• Enhance professional skills and techniques associated with the
teaching role.
• Further develop expertise in performing the teacher's role both in the
classroom and the wider context
• Acquire personal experience of the structure, organisation and work
of the second school/institution
• Involve themselves in effective working relationships with staff in the
Information for you: Key resources
• Secondary PGCE Partnership Handbook (paper and
Code of Conduct
All trainees have signed this, it in your handbook and
on the website.
Assessment overview
DHS 2220
DHS 1220
DMX 5130
DMX 6730
DHS 3320
DHS 4420
Module details
DHS3320 - Practice of Teaching- application
Part one on assessment and part two is their Summative Report with standards evidence (20 credits)
DHS4420 - Practice of Teaching- consolidation
Their final Summative Report with standards evidence (20 credits)
DMX6730 Inclusion M level assignment (20 credits)
Alternative for Professional students – DHS4020 at 20 credits
DHS1220 Special subject module
Comprising of subject audit and subject based tasks (20 credits)
Assessment Schedule
• Partnership Handbook
Key documents and timelines
Placement 2 1/3
• You should have had a Pen Portrait from each trainee
• Trainees will need to discuss this and their Action
Planning with you
• Trainees will need access to key school documents,
policies and information.
• Trainees will also need a timetable
Key documents and timelines
• Weekly
Lesson observations
Review of Progress
Key documents and timelines
Term One 3/3
• Interim Review
• Application Summative Report DHS 3320
• Consolidation Summative Report DHS 4420
Observations by you 1/2
• Need to ensure that there is a minimum of one formally
observed lesson per week by you or the host teachers.
• This lesson does not necessarily need to be graded.
Observations by you 2/2
• We are asking that you jointly observe with your
Professional Mentor at least twice this placement
• This lesson to be graded
• University Tutors will also you jointly observe with you or
host teacher and grade the lesson, normally twice
Giving Feedback
• Discuss within tables how you give feedback. Sharing
ideas and good practice
The Review of Progress meeting
must be:
• A designated weekly time slot
• Private
• Professional
• SMART - targets set and discussed with all
Teachers’ Standards covered
• Documented during meeting
• Discuss what you have been doing with this time.
Sharing ideas and good practice
Interim Review
• Due in Wednesday 27 February 2015
• Flagging up concerns early for intervention.
Summative Reports
• Thinking about best practice
Application Summative Report
• Grading this placement as well as each standard
• Could these be emailed to Janine Downs by the 27
March 2015
• Can be competed by you/Professional Mentor or jointly.
• Signed by both.
Consolidation Summative Report
• Grading this placement as well as each standard
• Could these be emailed to Janine Downs by the 1 June
• Can be competed by you/Professional Mentor or jointly.
• Signed by both.
If the trainee is struggling
• Cause for concern can be used; talk to Professional
mentors and do talk to us.
• Details are in the handbook
University tutor/External examiner visits
• Will come out and liaise with trainee to set this up.
• External examiners will also come and visit
Ofsted’s recommendations:
In order to improve trainees’ progress and attainment,
the partnership should:
– increase the proportion of trainees who are
outstanding by the end of the training by developing
further their ability to reflect on their own practice
– reduce the variability in the quality of mentoring by
ensuring all partners are clear about their
responsibilities for monitoring the effectiveness of the
feedback that trainees receive
The revised framework for judging
the quality of an ITE partnership
• ITE inspection is primarily about evaluating how well
trainees are trained to be good or better teachers.
• For each phase inspected, inspectors must evaluate:
– the extent to which the ITE partnership secures consistently
high-quality outcomes for trainees.
• To make this judgement, inspectors must evaluate each
of the three key judgements:
– Outcomes for trainees
– Quality of training across the partnership
– Leadership and management of the partnership.
Ofsted priorities
Improving Teacher Training for Behaviour
Supporting training for SEN, inclusion and EAL
Developing pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills
Training for the New Curriculum
Impact on pupil progress
Supporting Mentoring
• There are some support documents which you can use
with subject mentors or direct them towards these.
All documentation...
• University of Huddersfield PGCE Secondary Website:
Opportunities for you
Interviewing trainees
PGCE Secondary Strategic Planning Group
• 3 March 2015: 1.30 to 4.30pm
• 9 June 2015: 1.30 to 4.30pm
• Feedback
• Thank you for coming ... and remember blue forms for
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