Part 1

Part 1
Why MIS?
AllRoad Parts
• 10-year-old, privately owned company selling parts for
adventure vehicles--dirt bikes, 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles.
• Sells new high-end, expensive parts; a line of specialized,
hard-to-find repair parts.
• Jason Green is the founder and CEO
– Senior year of college started informal eBay business
buying and selling hard-to-find mountain bike parts.
– Has marketing and management experience.
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Part 1-2
AllRoad Parts(cont'd )
• High margin products and high inventory costs.
• Large selection of repair parts is the key to AllRoad’s
competitive success.
• Thinking about 3D printing for specialized parts to reduce
inventory costs.
• Forms a project team to investigate feasibility.
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Part 1-3
Opportunity Assessment Team
Kelly Summers, CFO, to lead the team.
Lucas Massey, Director of IT services.
Drew Mills, Operations Manager.
Addison Lee, head of Purchasing.
Jennifer Cooper, a relatively new employee about whom
there are a number of complaints.
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Part 1-4
Next Three Chapters
• Chapter 1 discusses the importance of information systems.
Definitions are provided and a 5 component model is introduced.
Consideration of information and systems are also made.
• Chapter 2 addresses collaboration information systems. Their
characteristics and purpose as well as criteria for success are
addressed. Available tools are also introduced.
• Chapter 3 relates information systems to the overall competitive
strategy of an organization.
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Part 1-5
Part 1-6
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