Librarian Black Belt Required - ARSL | Association for Rural & Small

Black Belt
What do we do in libraries?
We simply assist patrons
in their search for
some just don’t get the picture
Face of a man
that looks like
Vladimir Lenin?
Woman walking
past a tree
toward bridge?
some aren’t playing with a full deck
other’s lights are on but nobody’s home
a few don’t have both oars in the water
or have splinters in the windmill of the mind
some are shy a couple of bricks
or perhaps they have
light showers versus
brain storms
maybe their brain jello hasn’t set
•If a large male
roaming around the
library began
screaming profanity
at his step-daughter
who was quietly
doing homework at
a computer?
•If two teenage males
began a verbal
altercation at a study
table and then one
stood up appearing
ready to strike the
•If a teenage female
informed you that she
was approached by an
older patron who
asked her for personal
information and then
he suggested that they
take a ride in his car?
•If a middle-aged
couple, both using
computers, loudly and
profanely, refused to
relinquish the
computers when their
time had expired?
WHAT is Library Safety & Security?
Is it knowing karate
techniques for:
• Non-shushing
• Patrons with more
than $5.00 in fines
• Renegade kids in
the children’s area
Perhaps there’s more to safety and security
than karate training…
Being free from danger
or risk within a facility.
Being free from danger or risk
from outside a facility.
I can’t find
any of the
books I want!
Let’s look,
Libraries - quiet places where
thoughtful, intelligent people
relax, read, research, and
generally find pleasure in the
calm atmosphere where there’s
nothing to worry about.
Thoughtful & intelligent?
“Do your elevators go upstairs?”
“Where are they
holding Elvis
and where can I
write to him?”
Not only do they ask
interesting questions but they
do interesting things as well…
Many working in libraries don’t think anything
bad will happen, especially at their library.
True story - A female staff member was closing
a small branch library alone…
Bad things happen to good people,
especially when good people aren’t thinking
about and preparing for what could happen.
Don’t become a statistic—
”If you are prepared
you have no need to fear.”
To observe or detect .
To watch closely for purposes of control.
To oversee or regulate.
To determine the significance
or condition of by careful
appraisal and study.
To realize beforehand; foresee.
To act before another has had time to.
To prevent or forestall by taking
countermeasures in advance.
To think carefully about, especially
in order to make a decision.
To pay attention to; regard.
“No two security situations are quite
alike. Human interaction is always
dynamic and never static. Rarely is
there a black-and-white solution to
an incident; it is almost always gray.”
“The whole idea…is to empower you
to be able to respond to a situation
rather than simply react.”
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