Where Innovation Is Tradition - Virginia School Boards Association

Project SPARK to
Patriot Innovation Academy
George Mason University & Fairfax County
Public Schools
Jack Dale
Superintendent, FCPS
Where Innovation Is Tradition
To provide a problem-based, rigorous, and
comprehensive education for a diverse and
changing learning community. At Patriot Innovation
Academy (PIA), pre-service and in-service teachers
will employ new and innovative teaching strategies
in an effort to research, understand, and scale them to
support all learners.
Where Innovation Is Tradition
• Utilize the “4C’s” of critical thinking,
collaboration, communication, and creativity
• Leverage technology as a tool to support learning
in a seamless fashion
• Incubate innovative and high yield pedagogy to
support the teaching profession
• Provide an interdisciplinary curriculum that
supports the integration of concepts and mirror real
life experiences
• Cultivate a passion for excellence in academics
that fosters a sense of personal and community
• Serve as a model program for the State of Virginia
and the Department of Education
Where Innovation Is Tradition
Partnerships & Key Stakeholders
• George Mason University
• Fairfax County Public Schools
• Corporate/Public Sector
• Students/Families/Community
Where Innovation Is Tradition
Major Features of PIA
• Organizational Features Based on Strong
• Unique Aspects of Lab School vs. Charter
• Proposed as co-located within a FCPS
Secondary School (for up to 5 years)
Where Innovation Is Tradition
Status of Planning & Implementation
• Team Structure
• Oversight and Leadership (Gold)
• Governance (Purple)
• Operations/Communication (Orange/Yellow)
• Educational Programming (Green, Blue, Red)
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Professional Development
• Pre-service
• In-service
Where Innovation Is Tradition
“If we knew then what we know now….”
“Giving shape to something that does not exist requires
constant deliberate attention to imagining possibilities in
balance with practical potential.”
“The curriculum drives everything. The best part of this
process is watching how all the other teams are
following the lead of the Curriculum Team which has
enabled us to focus on the student and what’s best for
Quotes from various team meetings about the process.
Where Innovation Is Tradition
Where Are We Currently:
October 22, 2012: Submitted Lab School Application to
Virginia BOE
November 2, 2012: Received notice from VBOE that our
request to be considered for Opening in 2013 is
approved; will be under review and negotiations for the
next 6-8 weeks
November 6, 2012: Submitted final report for Planning
Grant funding period with Request for No Cost
Extension and Projected Funds/Resources needed
during Start-up Phase between now and September
Where Innovation Is Tradition