User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design
Week 4
5:30 – Team Stand Up
5:40 – User-Centered Design
6:15 – Activities: Usability Testing
7:25 – Ongoing Offsite Activities
• Introduce User-Centered Design
Design Requirements for UI
Learn Testing methods for UI
Prototyping lifecycle
How to Paper Prototype
User-Centered Design
• Speaker Name:
• Title
• Credentials
User-Centered Design
• Speaker’s presentation goes here
What is User-Centered
Designing things with the user
in mind.
You are not the user.
Mental Models
• How we expect the world to be
 Based on prior experience
• Affect expectations of new things
 Sometimes based on analogy
• Examples:
 Computer desktop
 Light switches
How would you open
Design Requirements
• Handles
• Hinges
• Visual signals
indicate how to
interact with the
How else to design with the
user in mind?
Keep it
Source: Debra Lauterbach
What is User Interface?
Interface: a common boundary or
link between two things
User Interface: interface between
person and thing, especially
User Interface Design: Designing
things that make sense for the
people who use them
Example: Jitterbug phone
How to Design Interfaces
Source: Debra Lauterbach
Usability Testing
Activities: Usability Testing
• (20 minutes) Investigate apps that are
similar in function to yours or that have
the same target customer
 Make notes about the features/interface
 Determine what you think it should do.
What does it do well?
What could it do better?
• (40 minutes) Create your paper
• (15 minutes) Test with another team
User Interface Research
Find the UI Research tab
in your team’s
Technovation Workspace
on Google Docs
Example of User Interface
Find the UI Test tab in your
team’s Technovation
Workspace on Google
Weekly Reflections
• What did your team like about this
What challenges did your team have
this week?
Anything else your team would like to
Technovation Challenge
Google Group
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Ongoing Offsite Activities
Customer Development
Usability Testing
Evaluate Data
Continue with App Inventor
Build Prototype
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