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Project Ideas Using iPad Devices for Primary Grades
Tricia Anton
[email protected]
October 24, 2014
© Tricia Anton 2014
Must Have Apps
Doodle Buddy – great for drawing, labelling, counting, and math activities to name
a few.
Strip Designer – great for story telling, fiction and nonfiction activities
Explain Everything – great for creating projects that include sound and a variety of
pictures, photos, and videos.
Popplet – great for making webs or linking ideas
DoodleCast – great for story telling, oral language, and creativity
My Story – great for writing stories. Very versatile.
Story Buddy - great story writing tool
Storybook Maker – story writing tool
iMovie - creative writing, narrative
Augmented Reality Apps
AR Alphabet Flashcards, Space, Shapes and Colors– Augmented Reality letter
CoLAR – Augmented coloring sheets. Great creative writing prompts!
Aurasma – super app for creating auras to augment any project.
Walking with Dinosaurs, NASA Spacecraft 3D, Pop Lock Robot
© Tricia Anton 2014
We use app called
AR Flashcards Alphabet a lot! It comes with the dinosaur pictures too!
Free app. You need to print off the trigger alphabet and dinosaur pictures
on a color printer first.
Letter/Sound Collection
The dinosaur pictures are
included in the alphabet app.
© Tricia Anton 2014
Make your name
AR Space is a 99 cent
app that has the
planets in it. Very cool!
Each student chose a letter and found a collection of items
beginning with their letter. We placed them around the
trigger picture. We took a picture of our collection within
the app with the trigger image engaged.
We imported the images from the camera roll into an app
called Strip Designer. We added the text naming each
letter. We later added captions to name each of the items
on the page.
Each student added the word balloons to label the
objects on their page.
The pages are then saved to the camera roll and imported into Explain Everything. We
added the narration to each page and then saved it to the camera roll once again. The
video can then be uploaded to Youtube or shared via Aurasma. I chose to share it via
Youtube this time and posted the link on our classroom blog. I think we have created
the first Augmented Reality Alphabet book created by children!
© Tricia Anton 2014
Doodle Buddy is a very versatile app that
everyone can use. I use it for everything!
Example are diagrams, patterning,
counting, spelling, writing poetry,
labelling photos, and so on!
© Tricia Anton 2014
CoLAR coloring pages! Lots of fun and great to stimulate fine motor
I cheat and tell them that if they do really good work on their coloring
the pages become magic. You open the CoLAR app and hold it over
their coloring and the picture becomes animated. You can also have the
children pose in the picture! They love that! You can email the
pictures if you wish!
Sample CoLAR coloring pages are included in this handout!
© Tricia Anton 2014
I used iMovie to create a little iMovie trailer about our
classroom for open house.
The app has a storyboard and you basically take pictures within
the app to create the movie. It directs you to take a variety of
shots or short videos and then puts it together with music and
effects to create a great finished product!
When we had our gingerbread house session with our big buddy
class I took pictures within the iMovie trailer app.
Then I made a trigger picture of a gingerbread house, attached the
iMovie trailer to it with an aura. Then I emailed the aura to my
families so that they could see all the fun we had!
The Aurasma app allows you to create your own
trigger picture and attach a video to it. Then
whenever you hold your device over the picture
it triggers the link you have created to the video.
You can then provide the trigger picture to your
families and send them the link via email so that
they can view the video.
It is hard to email most videos as they are too
large. This is a great go-around.
There are lots of good tutorials online on how to
create an aura.
© Tricia Anton 2014
We used the app AR Shapes and Colors to create a Shape book. The
children found a collection of items with the same shape and then
we took a picture of the collection within the app to trigger the
augmented image. We then used the Strip Designer app to create
the pages with the text.
We saved the pages to the camera roll and imported these images
into the Explain Everything app. We added the student voices
and exported the book to the camera roll. I exported the movie to
Youtube and posted it on our blog.
We took pictures of the important places in our
Then we imported the pictures into Strip
Designer to add our text.
I uploaded the file to Youtube and posted
the book on our blog. I also linked it to an
image using Aurasma. You can see the
book if you follow our channel on
Aurasma and then view the trigger image
on our blog. Instructions for how to
follow our channel were incorporated into
the blog post.
We saved the pages we
made to the camera roll and
imported these pages into
Explain Everything. We
narrated each page and
saved our book to the
camera roll.
Popplet is a great app for creating webs of ideas
or concepts. Very useable.
I create a folder of pictures for the children to use
in the primary grades but older students could
probably find their own.
Lots of ways to use this app.
Character studies, story maps, and so on.
I created a folder of Halloween
pictures on my iPad.
The students create a popplet about Halloween. Easy to use.
The app lets you save it as a jpeg to the camera roll as well as
letting you email the popplet as a pdf or a jpg.
This is an augmented reality app called Walking with Dinosaurs. Super cool app!
The students choose the dinosaur they want and then I take their picture with it within
the app. They pretend to hold or pet or be scared etc and I move the dinosaur to match
their pose and take the picture. The pictures are saved to the camera roll. You can
email them or use them in a variety of apps.
We used these pictures to trigger a story writing activity. I got some amazing stories
that were much more detailed and longer then I usually get!
I took all the pictures and put them into an
iMovie trailer using the iMovie app. The
children decided what the captions should be.
Lots of fun!
I printed off their pictures with their dinosaur on my color printer. I
created a writing page with the trigger image embedded on the page. I
got an amazing amount of writing! I was able to send the iMovie trailer
home using the Aurasma app. When they activated the trigger the iMovie
The Aurasma app allows you to create your own trigger picture and attach a video to it. Then whenever you
hold your device over the picture it triggers the link you have created to the video.
You can then provide the trigger picture to your families and send them the link via email so that they can
view the video.
It is hard to email most videos as they are too large. This is a great go-around.
There are lots of good tutorials online on how to create an aura.
The Ms. Pana Says website has some great tutorials about Aurasma.
© Tricia Anton 2014
We used the app NASA 3D Spacecraft to make these pictures.
The children choose the spacecraft they wanted and we took
their picture within the app using the trigger picture. We used
these pictures as a starting point for a creative writing activity.
Once again, the children wrote and wrote and wrote!
We had created a book about space using the Strip Designer
app and Explain Everything. We linked this video about space
to our Space stories.
We displayed the instructions for viewing the Aura on the
bulletin board. I also sent the aura link home to my
student’s families using the email option.
© Tricia Anton 2014
This is Pop Lock Robot. It is an augmented reality app that lets
the students dance with a robot.
You can take a picture of the student with the augmented image
of the robot. I created one for each student and we used them as
a take off spot for a creative writing exercise.
We recorded the students dancing with the robot by
projecting the image on the screen so that they could mimic
the robot’s moves. I video-taped their actions within the
app. We then used the video clips in an iMovie trailer. I
attached the trailer to the writing project with a trigger
The students were then asked to
write a story about their robot.
Once again, the output was
fantastic! They wrote pages and
pages for me! They could see
themselves in the picture so it was
easy for them to imagine themselves
© Tricia Anton 2014
Another example of one of my very favorite apps - Strip
Designer! Very versatile app!
We usually create our pictures in Doodle Buddy, save them
to the camera roll, and then import them into the frames
within Strip Designer.
The children love writing stories using the balloon text
© Tricia Anton 2014
We made math books using Doodle Buddy and Strip Designer. I took a picture of a ten
frame using the camera within the Doodle Buddy app and used it as a background. The
students used the stamps to create the stories and then record their equations. We
then imported the pictures into Strip Designer to create a Math book. You can save
them as pdf or jpg files. We made print copies of some of the pages. They worked on
this project for hours. Possibilities are endless. Lots of fun!
© Tricia Anton 2014
We used Explain Everything and Doodle Buddy to
create our snowman books.
The children created five pages using Doodle Buddy
and we imported them into Explain Everything. Then
the children recorded a script that we created to go
with each page. We saved the final product to the
camera roll and uploaded it to Youtube on our
Youtube channel.
We posted the videos on our classroom
blog on a special page created just to
display these books. Very proud of these!
© Tricia Anton 2014
I love the app Explain Everything.
We used it to create these Mother’s Day cards.
I took a picture of the Mother’s Day card and then used the
camera on the iPad within the app to create a video of the
students saying some nice things about their Moms and finishing
with Happy Mother’s Day !
I copied this idea from Matt B. Gomez.
We saved the file to the camera roll and then I emailed the videos
to the respective parents!
We used an app called Aging Booth to age
ourselves 100 years on 100 Day. You take the
picture of the student within the app and then
“age” it 100 years. Our buddies helped us
writing about it!
!00 Day Fun Sheet is a free download.
© Tricia Anton 2014
The Story Buddy app is a great app for story writing. The students can draw the
picture in the app. Write a sentence to match the picture and then record
themselves saying the sentence. You can email the story as a PDF to parents or
send the file to them and they can open the file if they have an iPad with Story
Buddy on it.
My Story is another great story writing app.
Storybook Maker is a really versatile app. The students love this one.
Most of the story writing apps have options for you to email the
book as a pdf file or a jpg file if you want to send it on to their
families. Many of them allow you to save the stories to iBooks.
Very cute to see their books on the shelves!
© Tricia Anton 2014
I have a classroom website called
I try to post about what we are doing in technology in the classroom on this site.
I try to post about any new apps we are using and what we are making with them.
I also have a teacher site called that I write for teachers. It has a
little more detail about how to do the projects.
You can email me at [email protected] and I will try to help!
Some favorite sites that I like!
Matt B. Gomez
Journey with an iPad.
Ms Pana Says
Terry Eichholz
Karen Lirenman
Search Pinterest for iPad projects! Lots of fun!
I use YouTube a lot to research on how to do something! Everything is there!
© Tricia Anton 2014
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