Stressing about Exams!!

Stressing About Exams!!
Taking the edge off
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Is stress bad for you?
Not necessarily!
 Certain levels can help motivate us
 Give us energy
 Focus us
 If it becomes a problem and is difficult to manage or if you feel
overwhelmed, it can have a negative affect on your life.
 If it starts to have a physical impact on your life
There is so much help we can give ourselves….
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
Take the edge off by being well
 Sleeping well – You think you can’t sleep or have not got time,
put more effort into sleeping and remember HUMAN beings
perform better having slept. And NEED sleep!
 Tip: A tired brain is a stressed brain
 Sleep can be aided by a light supper
 Eat Well – Healthy foods can improve your brain and help your
wellbeing. Too much caffeine and junk food will stress your
body and brain out, it is a FACT 
 Tip: Being hungry makes the brain pop with emotion 
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
being well….
 Be nice to people  Arguing with friends and family increases
 Tip: Being happier helps reduce stress  Try to timetable in
fun with your family and friends!
 Try to keep some exercise in your life, regular is great but
something as quick as skipping for 5 mins a day.
 Tip: Exercise stimulates us and eventually prompts the
body to relax; use exercise to fight fatigue and help you
chill out later!!
 Drink plenty of fluids  Hydration is good for the brain as it
helps reduce inflammation  which makes managing stress
 Tip: Being thirsty and dehydrated is emotional!
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
Take the edge off and act….
Prepare well: plan your revision with breaks and some flexibility.
Attend revision and catch up sessions, talk to staff.
Think about an exam strategy and plan your attack! Talk to staff if you are
struggling to come up with an exam plan.
Time out - try not to feel guilty. It might seem like a ‘waste of time’ but this will give
you time to process the information and your brain a bit of rest.
Use known strategies either from yourself and or others.
 For example Mindmaps; Revision cards or anything that works for you 
Talk about your stress/anxiety; bottling it up will keep things the same.
letting it out will offer some relief.
Identify your stress triggers and avoid them, you can always revisit them after the
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
Take the edge off and think….
 The way we think is linked to what we feel and then what we do
 Hear your worried thoughts
“I will fail” “I will forget it all” “I don’t know what I am doing”
 Then beat them with HEALTHY HELPFUL thoughts:
“I have revised well and will do my best” “I have thought this before and
remembered enough” “I will find answers for the things that are confusing me”
 Think positive thoughts, trying to focus on solutions!
 Believe in yourself!!
 Imagine your worries floating down a river, being kicked in a football far
from you or released in a balloon, watch it all disappear. Repeat if they are
stubborn and return.
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Still need a few jagged edges
smoothing off?
 Try mindfulness
 Free apps for androids and tablets; Websites that offer support.
 Try breathing, even when panicking/losing it, breathing can
help as oxygen helps calm you. Try deep breaths for 6
seconds in and out, several times.
 Focus on some positive things the other side of your exam
timetable…there is life after exams 
 Distractions help. Try absorbing activities for short timed
periods when you feel the stress building up. (Use your
phone as timer)
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
 The night before:
 Plan well and organise everything you need for the next day.
 Be realistic about going to bed, not too early and not too late.
 In the exam:
 Read the instructions carefully
 Plan your time
 If you start to feel yourself panicking in the exam, mentally take
some time out, breath and try to remember a nice memory and
then quickly return to doing your best!
 There are always solutions – still jagged? Talk to your PPT
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
Wisdom on exams and anxiety!
The bbc:
“Anxiety's like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you very
Swedish Proverb – Saying
You could help exam stress by dealing with any other problems this could improve your
concentration, phone childline if you need to talk.
Jodi Picoult – Writer
Don’t cram just before the exam and avoid post mortems (especially if you have more
exams) 
“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow”
John Lubbock – Some man
A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.
So get to it and revise, healthily 
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
Still edgy? The web can help:
 - Exam stress
 exam stress advice
 – Download leaflet on
stress and anxiety
 - mindfulness downloads
 – supporting young men manage their emotions
 Proper peer support
If you need a professional:
.aspx - some people who can help when things feel very difficult to manage.
 - young peoples 24 hour support by phone/email
or SMS.
A centre of excellence for 16-19 year olds
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