Loneliness * mind map

Follow up Psychological APV 2012 – FOOD Aarslev
Focus area D - Loneliness – mind map
Scientific loneliness:
- Alone in own research
area E.g. own
project/thesis – no one to
spar with .
- in application process
- especially for new staff
incl. PhD students
Physical loneliness:
- Alone due to too much
telework, courses,
meetings, and transport
(teaching). Do not
participate in breaks and
talk to colleagues.
Social loneliness :
Language barriers
for foreign students
(shyness young PhD students)
Loneliness in position
– e.g. post docs
- lack of prioritising to participate
in social activities
- lack of sense of belonging or
where you are expected to
belong to
- Feeling alone at work
- Too few social activities for
young people – especially
students and new staff
Follow up Psychological APV 2012 – FOOD Aarslev
Focus area D - Initiatives to deal with loneliness
Use your AMR and TR
- More feedback to one
another 
- Use colleagues for
Social platforms/networking
and seminar
Important to have a
social environment at the
student offices when we
receive new staff
to deal
Build external networks
- Social events more often,
prioritise to participate –
- take responsibility to be
outreaching both in scientific
and social connections
The buddy system should
be made more clear and
more used
Lunch mates :
- remember to ask
colleagues to go to lunch
- Become visible
- Use the canteen