Is it possible to modify student behavior with motorcycle training

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Modification Is it possible to modify student
behavior with motorcycle
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Cape Fox Professional Services provides worldwide,
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certified instructors, all courses are organized in a
systematic, building block approach that begin with
foundational topics and progress into higher-level concepts.
What is our ultimate goal in all of our
training classes?
Modify or change risk-taking behavior in at-risk riders and
Reduce or end fatalities and injuries among motorcyclists.
End all fatalities and injuries caused by rider/driver error.
Are all our students risk-takers?
Do we need to change the behavior of all the students we
Techniques to work with risk-takers and non-risk-takers.
Social Norming applied to Traffic and Motorcycle Safety.
Proven Methods to Modify Behavior from
Traffic Safety Literature:
Create an emotional environment in which a student can
visualize how they would feel if they killed or maimed
someone else.
Visualize how your loved ones would feel if you were killed.
Have students make a public commitment – what famous
person has recently been connected to a public
commitment opportunity?
Successful countermeasures are connected to emotion,
rather than knowledge.
The Connection:
All of the behavior modification techniques mentioned on
the preceding slide are possible only if the trainer has
established a “connection” with the students.
How to “connect’ with your students.
Learner-Centered/Student-Centered Training – What is it?
How do I do it?
Instructor Investment – “You care about me.”
Is it possible to change behavior?
What behavior has been drastically changed in the United
States in our life time?
How was it changed?
How does that relate to Traffic and Motorcycle Safety and
what we’ve just learned?
Who uses Behavior Modification the most
in our society?
What can we learn from them?
“Got Milk” Advertisement; Old Spice Commercial
“My City” – A Mayor’s reason for focusing on safety in his
How do we “sell” safety and change risky behavior on the
Safety Concepts and Motor Skills
Risk Homeostasis
Proprioceptive Skills and Proprioceptive Feedback
Self Analysis
Culture of Safety -
How would you describe the Culture of Safety in the United
States related to Traffic and Motorcycle Safety?
Examples and statistical examples.
Suggestions on how to improve the Culture of Safety –
Alternatives to “Safety.”
Is Zero Tolerance for Fatalities Possible?
Is it possible to end all fatalities and injuries caused by
driver and rider errors?
Creative methods trainers have used to modify behavior in
their classes.
Additional behavior modification methods.
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