The Story Of Albert Einstein.

The Story of Albert Einstein
Mae Blacker Freeman
Full name is Albert Einstein
Born March 14, 1879 in a small town called
Ulm in Germany
He was the greatest scientist whom ever lived
Died just after midnight April 18, 1955
I chose Einstein because I didn’t know what he
did but I knew he had an interesting life
Einstein was born March 14, 1879. He talked very slow, and his school
teacher got very frustrated with him because of it. He had a sister named Maya
and his parents names were Herman and Pauline Einstein. They were very patient
with him. They often took weekend trips and Albert loved the scenery.
Albert Einstein was not interested in normal things that his friends and
classmates liked. The things that he loved the most were very complex, like a
compass. His father gave him that compass, and he loved it so much he even slept
with it in his hand. He didn’t know how to work it, but this was just how his brain
When Albert was six, his mother had gotten him a violin. She sent him to a
music class, but he did not do well. The teacher had no patience with him. Einstein
dropped out of music class. Music gave him joy, but he did not want to play one or
two notes at a time. Geometry also gave him joy. His uncle gave him a geometry
school book and Einstein read it all in less than a day. He didn’t understand it, but
he liked it.
When Albert Einstein was fifteen, his parents were worried that if they left him, he would not survive on
his own. So they left Einstein a plane ticket to use when he was done school. Albert asked many questions. Finally,
his teacher cracked and told him to please not ask so many questions that he couldn’t answer. He also told Albert
he thought it would be best if he would just leave. So Einstein obtained a doctors note and dropped out of school.
Then he went to Munich, Italy, where his family was.
When he got there, his mother greeted him kindly. She said “Ach, you are so thin, Mein Albertl. But we
will soon fix that, now that you are home again. Can you guess what you will have for dinner this very night?”
Sausages. They were his favorite food ever since he was a kid, and they still were.
After everyone sat down at the dinner table and was settled, they started to talk about Albert's work.
Albert was going to have to work soon, for he was almost sixteen. Mayas friends were over for dinner, and they
liked Albert. They liked how he talked slow and was patient.
Einstein loved reading and walking. He never took a car anywhere that was in walking distance, and
sometimes he would read before bed. One day Albert and his mother went to a museum of art. Then, he saw the
last supper. He was amazed from the colors and how long it had lasted. Soon he considered being a teacher for a
career. Then he went to the Swiss federal polytechnic university in Zurich for less than twenty five dollars a day.
But he didn’t pass the test to get in. his teacher told him to go back to preparatory school and retake the test.
After he finished school, he went to Aarau and became friends with the Wintelers. He ate dinner with them, took
walks with them, and did many other things with them that interested Albert. His sister, Maya, ended up marrying
one of the Wintelers’ sons.
Einstein loved math. But he soon turned away from math and to physics instead. He was
known as one of the greatest scientists of all time, because of his work. He didn’t care about his
appearance, he walked around in public with old clothes, ripped clothes on. Albert spent much
time in a physics lab. After he graduated, he was going to get married to a dark haired girl named
Mileva. His parents were giving him one hundred francs a month for school, but after graduation,
they no longer sent it to him. Einstein was also Jewish.
Albert finally got his first job as a physics teacher. But soon he was offered a job at the
patent office as a patent clerk for 3000 francs a year. Einstein and Mileva soon had a kid and
named it Albert Einstein JR. A few years later, they had another kid named Edward Einstein.
June, 1905, Albert Einstein walked into the post office with a thick, manila envelope. He
mailed it to the magazine Annalen der Physik. The envelope contained a thirty page report. That
report was the theory of relativity. A few days after, he went to a meeting in Europe for a job offer,
but went back to the patent office. Later in his life, he went to Zurich and became an assistant
lecturer. Then, he was formally offered the assistant professorship at the University of Zurich. In
1914, Einstein and Mileva got divorced. His father had did soon after that, and his mother was
living with Maya. Then, he got an invitation to his Uncle Rudy’s house to go for a dinner party. They
had tons of food, and his favorite, sausages. After a while, his uncles house became his food
source. Einstein soon made an addition to his theory of relativity.
Albertl hated war, but he was living in the capital city of a nation at war.
Right before the war ended, he got married to his cousin Elsa. In 1919, there was a
total eclipse that could be seen best in Russia. That proved the theory of relativity.
A few years later, in 1921, Einstein went to America for the very first time. He
thought it was the best thing in the world. There were stores every few buildings,
tons of houses, and he could walk everywhere. After Einstein realized he needed a
break from America, he went back to Germany. People yelled out rude things at
his lectures, and threw things at him sometimes. The Nazis also hated him for
leaving to America. Since everybody hated him in Germany, he came back to Berlin
and was guarded by guards. Einstein made about half the atom bomb, and he
helped with the insides of it.
Einstein soon grew old, and went to a special care hospital in 1955. before
he died, he mumbled some words in German. His nurse couldn’t speak German, so
she couldn’t understand him. No one will ever know what that famous man said
before he died, April 18th, 1955.
14th, 1879
out of
school at
Got a
violin at 6,
went to
school but
of math
Went to
friends with
the Wintelers,
Maya married
one of the
theory of
a very
proved the
theory of
Died April
18, 1955
Einstein made many contributions to the world today. If
he didn’t figure out how to make an atom bomb, we might
still be at war. Or Germany might have bombed us first.
Besides that, he taught people that its not appearance that
matters, its what's inside. Even famous people don’t have to
dress nice. He also showed the world that anyone can grow
up to be special. Albert's parents were worried about him as a
kid, but Einstein grew up to be the greatest scientist of all
Most Interesting Story…
I would have to say, the most interesting thing I
have learned about Einstein is that he helped with
the atom bomb. I just thought he was a famous
scientist. I never new he made the stuff inside of it.
E=MC squared. (I don’t know how to do the squared
symbol) That’s what the formula was.
My Three Questions
 Why didn’t you care about appearance?
 Did you want to leave school at 15?
 How did you get enough money to move so
many times?
Freeman, M. B. (1958). The Story Of Albert Einstein.
New York: Random House.
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