A ‘Seed’ Project developed by the Regional NET Coordinating Team,
NET Section, CDI, Education Bureau
Project Aims
The project aims to engage English
language teachers in designing
culminating multimedia tasks for modules
in the school-based English language
curriculum at Key Stage 3 (S1-S3).
Project Aims
The multimedia tasks will be directly linked
to curriculum aims, objectives and
modules/units, and will involve students in
writing digitally and creating multimedia
projects using computer software and web
Project Aims
Various strategies for teaching writing,
such as shared writing, process writing and
multimodal writing/creating will be
considered in the co-planning sessions with
the support of the Regional NET
Coordinators (RNCs).
Summary of Objectives
For English teachers:
• plan curriculum and design learning tasks
involving digital writing;
• implement strategies for teaching writing;
• use multimedia tools, e.g. computer software
and web applications in their teaching.
Summary of Objectives
For students:
• practise writing skills in a digital
• collaborate on creating multimedia
products in English; and
• conduct self and peer assessment.
Research Questions
1. How can the teaching of writing be enhanced
by the use of technology?
2. How can students’ writing skills be enhanced
by the use of technology?
Task: Photo Story Presentation
Level: S1
Course book: Oxford New Treasure Plus 1A
Theme: Unit 2 Dream School
Technology Tool: Photo Story 3
Language items:
• vocabulary related to school facilities
• simple present tense / ‘there is/there are’
• prepositions of place
Writing skills:
• mind-mapping / story-boarding
• elaborating a description
• revising, editing
Task requirements:
• Take photos of a facility/room in the school.
• Create a digital story describing the photos.
• Give one suggestion on improving the
• Upload the digital story to Google+ and give
feedback to 3 classmates on their work.
Other MmT Tasks
• Exploring online safety issues
• Creating a personal profile for Google+
• Creating films with Movie Maker
• Presenting tourist interviews with Prezi
• Analysing camera shots and angles with Prezi
• Writing a film review with Google Docs
• Surveying gaming habits with Google Form
Culminating Tasks
• Pre-reading activities
• While-reading activities
Vocabulary and Grammar
• Vocabulary building exercises
• Practice with target sentence structures
Integrated tasks
• Reading and listening
• Note-taking and speaking
Culminating Tasks
Culminating Task
• The multimedia tasks we design for MmT 2.0 will
be culminating tasks that focus on writing and
give Ss authentic practice with the vocabulary,
language and skills they are learning.
• All other activities in the unit should support Ss in
completing the culminating multimedia task.
Looking Forward
MmT 2.0 is a refurbished two-year seed project.
Emphasis will be placed on:
• Teaching and learning of writing in a digital
environment using various strategies; and
• Authentic practice and application of newly
learned language items.
Aug – Dec 2014
Initial period of baseline lesson
observations, professional
development, routine setting up and
collaborative planning
Aug – Dec 2015
One unit of work with a culminating
multimedia task will be planned and
Jan – May 2015
One unit of work with a culminating
multimedia task will be planned and
Jan – May 2015
One unit of work with a culminating
multimedia task will be planned and
Jun – Jul 2015
Year-end reflection and data
collection for evaluation
Collaborative planning for 2015-16
Jun – Jul 2015
Reflection and data collection for
project evaluation
Schools participating for two years can choose
from two implementation models in 2015-16.
Consolidation Model
Progression Model
Implement the project at the
same year level with a new
cohort of Ss with refined
materials and teaching
2014-15: All S1 classes
2015-16: All S1 classes
Implement the project with the
same cohort of Ss as they
progress to the next year level
to extend student learning
with multimedia tasks
2014-15: All S1 classes
2015-16: All S2 classes
Expected Participation
• All English classes in one year level
participate in the project.
• Regularly scheduled meetings are arranged
for all teachers to co-plan lessons and
instructional materials. The first co-planning
meeting will be scheduled in June 2014.
• Effective supervision and monitoring are
provided by the school senior management
to ensure the success of the project.
Expected Participation
• An MmT Coordinator (preferably a middle
manager, e.g. Assistant Panel Chairperson)
is appointed to assist with the
implementation of the project.
• Access to IT facilities, e.g. MMLC, and
support from the school IT technician(s)
are provided.
• Project reflection and evaluation are
conducted at the end of each school year.
Support for School
• School-based professional development
• Regularly scheduled co-planning meetings
• Collaborative development of teaching
• Opportunities for co-teaching
• Lesson observations/demonstrations and
Support for School
• Online platform for teacher collaboration
and sharing, e.g. Edmodo, Google
• Reflection and evaluation meetings
Application due date: 28 February 2014 (Fri)
Please submit a detailed proposal about
how the project will enhance learning and
teaching at your school.
Vetting meetings will be scheduled in March
at prospective MmT 2.0 ‘Seed’ Project
schools to discuss application proposals.
Contact Information
Mr William CHENG, SCDO (NET)
Phone: 3549 8339
Email: [email protected]
Mr Stephen COOLEY, RNC
Phone: 3549 8361
Email: [email protected]
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