Scale Model of the Solar System along City Trail System

Scale Model of the Solar System
along City Trail System
Possible partnership between School
District 60 and the City of Fort St John
• Pursue a partnership with the City of Fort St
John and School District 60 to enhance the
city bypass walking trail with a scale model of
the solar system.
• Provide a Project Based Learning / Authentic
task for school district classes and students
• Provide learning opportunities to the citizens
of Fort St John, anywhere, anytime.
Project Description
• At scale distances along the bypass walking trail
signage would be located with information about
celestial bodies (star, planets, asteroid belts, etc)
• Signs would have factual info collected via
classroom projects about celestial body, scale and
actual distances, partner logos, and a QR code
(quick response code) to link to more info on web
• Web would contain more info compiled by
• Original thoughts on project available at
QR Code
• A Quick Response code is a 2D bar code that
encodes alpha numeric info. It could be text, a
phone number or in the case below a website
• You would use a Smartphone and a free
scanner app to access the
encoded info
• The one on the right points to
the SD60 website
Possible Linkages
• Project will cover a variety of BC Curriculum in
various grades
• Encourages life long learning, active living
• Add a “Walk the Solar System” activity to
other successful activities like Walk to
Whistler or Swim the Peace
• Cost per sign – TrimTek estimates ~ $65 per
24”x32” Dibond Sign with various colours
printed on white vinyl with UV coating
• Posts, concrete, labour would need to be
included as per any city signage requirements
• Number of signs depends on what might be
• Sponsorship per sign could be pursued (one
local company has already offered)
Possible extensions
• City trail biome signage (biology students from
10-12 or NLC students)
• Fort St John historical figures
• Project for Energetic Learning Campus – edible
plants around Pomeroy Sport Centre – what
are they, how to prepare, local significance etc
• Canadian Astronauts
• I would ask that the Council endorse a
partnership between the City of Fort St John
and School District 60: Peace River North to
pursue a scale model of the solar system
project along the bypass walking trail.
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