diagram of the solar powered rc car.

Jayden Tau
Dylan Brown
Darren Dixon
Jamie Starr
Dylan Postil
Hayden Brooks
Solar Panel
The body
The Base of the
Battery Component
The Mother Board
We are planning to create a solar paneled solar car that runs on
nothing but solar power. We are going to do this by connecting
the solar panel to the RC car battery component. This will send
energy from the solar panel to the motor and recharge the
rechargeable batteries that we have installed, doing this will
increase the running time of the car will store unused energy
rather than wasting it.
• RC Car:
• Solar panel:
We were given $30 each which added up to about $180. we
didn’t need all of the funding but it was good to have it there for
back up.
Team Name:
By Jayden, JAMIE, Darren, Hayden, Dylan B, Dylan P
Could we buy a solar panel with D,D batteries?
due: End of week 3 Term 4
Steps to achieve goal
Actions/Strategies to
complete each step
Who is
Date set for
Get 1 R.C car
Internet research
Jayden , Dylan Jamie
End of week 3 Term 4
Get some solar panels
Researcher volts, prices and
End of week 3 Term 4
CAD design
CAD skills, learned from the
subject, drawing up the design
Dylan brown and Darren
End of week 3 Term 4
Different wires, motors etc.
Dylan and Darren
End of week 3 Term 4
What wires at with what
End of week 3 Term 4
Theory work
Swot, action plan
Darren and Jamie
End of week 3 Term 4
signoff & date
our product can be used for surveillance purposes and for toy
purposes. If we were to sell our product we would sell it for about
$100 to pay us back and to give us a little profit of $10. before
selling it we would make some small modifications so that the car
can be better and more fine tuned then what it is now.
When building the solar powered RC car we used basic skills with,
wiring, building and creation. We used valuable sources such us a
person from the uni and internet sites.
During the creation we had a few small problems. We had trouble
trying to work around the wiring with the solar panel. It was hard
to find where to exactly wire up the solar panel with the car. The
solution we found was to seek help from the helper from the uni,
he told us to wire the panel up to the batteries component which
will then run energy straight to the motor of the car.
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