Food Safety ppt oct 2014 - Illinois Farmers Market Association

Farmers Market Food Safety
Presented by:
Pat Stieren, Chairman, IL Farmers
Market Task Force
Executive Director, IFMA
What is the Illinois Farmers Market Task Force?
The Illinois Farmers Market Task Force, composed of
24 members, was created in 2011 by PA 97-0394 (SB
1852) and held its first meeting on June 28, 2012. Its
goal is to address the regulatory framework that
governs food safety at farmers markets.
Inconsistent regulations that are not based on size or
risk and the need for education have been cited as
barriers to expanding local food production and sales
in Illinois.
IL Farmers Market Task Force Goals:
To create less confusing, more uniform, streamlined,
and less burdensome statewide regulations for
farmers markets throughout the state without
compromising public health.
Help identify educational opportunities for farmers,
market managers, health officials, and the public
about food and food safety, therefore creating
healthier, better informed, and more prosperous
communities and successful farmers markets.
Why so much interest in Farmers Markets in IL?
Farmers markets in Illinois have more than tripled
from 97 in 1994 to more than 378 markets in 2014.
Farmers markets enrich people and communities by
•Forming direct relationships among local farmers,
artisans, businesses, and consumers
•While stimulating local economies by removing
•Spurring local and regional entrepreneurs
•Spawning business development and
•Creating jobs that cannot be outsourced.
IL Farmers Market Task Force accomplishments:
• Surveyed market managers, farmers, food
vendors, local health department regulators
• Provided food safety education to task force
• Updated Technical Information Bulletin #30
• Created Farmers Market Food Safety Brochure
• Educated by IDPH staff about current problems at
farmers markets after recent site visits
What happened in 2014 with Public Act 98-0660
regarding farmers markets?
The new law, among other actions, directed the IL
Farmers Market Task Force to recommend rules to
the IL Dept. of Public Health to:
• establish a state-wide permitting process for food
sampling at farmers markets, and
• require produce vendors at farmers markets to
post signs at the point of sale with the address of
the farm on which the products were grown or
What other rule recommendations are the IL
Farmers Market Task Force considering at this time?
Vendor booths
Hand washing stations
Temperature requirements
Wild mushrooms
Unpasteurized cider
Meat (wild, exotic, domestic)
Aquaponic vegetables
Current definition of a Farmers’ Market most
recently amended by Public Act 98-0660 in 2014:
Farmers’ market means a common facility or area
where the primary purpose is for farmers to gather
to sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and
other locally produced farm and food products
directly to consumers. (410 ILCS 625/3.3)
What does the preliminary draft rule look like for
statewide food sampling permit?
Section 750.1630 - Food Product Sampling Handler Certificate for
Farmer Markets
A food sampling handler is any person who is engaged in the unpackaging and performance of tasks such as cutting, slicing, preparing
and distributing food product samples to individuals at a farmers
Training and Fees
Each person that engages in food product sampling is required to
successfully complete an ANSI-approved or accredited food
handler’s curriculum or an IDPH-approved food handler’s training
course and the required IDPH approved training on specific
sampling information at farmers markets or obtain an approved
Local Health Department permit.
What does the preliminary draft rule look like for
statewide food sampling permit?
Section 750.1630 - Food Product Sampling Handler Certificate for
Farmer Markets (continued)
After proof of food handler training course and attending the
specific farmer’s market sampling training, the food sampling
handler will be issued a food product sampling certificate after
filling out the Department application (form) and payment of fee.
Food Sampling Handler Certificate fee is no more than $40.
A person with a valid Illinois FSSMC certification will have to apply
for a food product sampling handler certificate on the
Department application and will pay the fee for the certificate.
The training requirements in this part will not apply.
What does the preliminary draft rule look like for
statewide food sampling permit?
Section 750.1630 - Food Product Sampling Handler Certificate for
Farmer Markets (continued)
The Department issued state-wide Food Sampling Handler
Certificate will be valid for 36 months from the issue date.
Any violation of the provisions to the food sampling certificate
may result in a suspension of the certificate by the Local Health
Department or revocation of the certificate by State Authority.
Post- Certification
Vendors must have available on site the state-wide Food Product
Sampling Certificate for each employee handling food product
samples in their booth.
What does a draft example of the food product
origin placard look like:
Deadline for IL Farmers Market Task Force to submit
recommendations for administrative rules to IL
Dept. of Public Health:
December 15, 2014
The IL Farmers Market Food Safety Brochure is available at:
A webinar hosted by IL Cooperative Extension was conducted June 17,
2013 on updated TIB #30 for market vendors and local health
departments. A link is located at:
Comments/Input on Proposed Rules
Farmers Market Task Force Contacts:
Patricia Stieren, Task Force Chair
[email protected]
Patricia Welch, IL Dept. of Public Health
[email protected]
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