How to Keep a Math Notebook

All problems on all tests, quizzes, and
homework should be written legibly, in order
and numbered.
All that you might be tempted to call “scratch
work” is important in this class. It shows you
are working the problems yourself.
Duh…may I
scratch my
1) Use a loose leaf binder. NO SPIRAL TYPES!
2) Have plenty of notebook paper and pencil.
3) Your lesson order sheet is first.
4) Your syllabus is next.
5) Bring your notebook every day.
6) Keep all papers in order.
3-ring binder
She did so
well on DT
that she gets
to skip 3
On left correctly label.
On right put date.
Show work on all problems that
you can’t do in your head.
Number your problems.
Do all work orderly.
You may begin the diagnostic (DT
#1) after this.
Write # of lessons autofilled.
Note: If lessons are autofilled, you should have
work shown on diagnostic test (DT), or you may
be required to do “autofilled” lessons anyway.
Number the lesson (Pretest PT)
Date on top right (failed to do)
Show work on problems
Number problems
Did not pass pretest, so continue
on Lesson 026.
Take notes on video lesson (LP)
Show work on IP orderly, and
numbered. IP is 10% of grade.
You may need to show more work
and use more paper than this
IP =
person did.
Independent Practice
LP = Lesson Presentation notes
Top left put lesson # & Quiz (Q)
Top right put date
Show all work, number your
problems and be orderly
Quiz work is used for teacher to see
your errors in case you don’t get
You cannot get help when taking a
quiz or any other kind of test, but
you may use notebook during a quiz.
Top left, put new lesson
number & label PT
Top right, the date.
Pretest work.
Missing one puts you on
the video. Take notes.
Do IP. Show work.
Do quiz. Show work.
New lesson # top left
Date at top right.
Pretest. This person made 100
on pretest, so she gets to skip
the rest of the lesson with
automatic 100 on IP and Quiz.
 Pretests must be taken
without help from any source.
All work must be shown in
Note: If you make 100, but have no work shown, you may be
required to work the entire lesson following this pretest.
Take clean sheets of paper from
Turn in notebook. If your
instructor is not present, the
monitor present must have your
notebook and be aware that you
are taking test.
On paper put module #, CT # and
Number your problems and show
your work.
Get notebook after you take the
test. You must re-take it if you
made less than 70%.
You may skip
writing problems
down only if you
can do them in
your head.
Calculator use is
limited. See next
Fundamental Math Students may not use calculators on the first two modules.
Others may use the calculators under “tools” or bring your own hand-held calculator.
Phones or ipads may never be
used for calculating in this class.
The online “tools” calculator will
not be available to Fundamental
Math students until all such
students have passed all of
Modules 1 and 2, so bring your
own hand-held calculator if you
are ahead of others and finished
the first two modules.
Developing an orderly notebook and keeping accurate records of your work is
an important life skill, but it also gives credence to your efforts in this class.
Ten percent of your grade is the notebook. Your teacher will be
checking to see that each lesson in each module is accounted
for and this check will be given a grade each time you take a
cumulative test.
Much educational research lately has confirmed the value of
keeping a good notebook.
Student success in this course will depend on learning how to
keep a notebook and using it.
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