Classifiche Calcio

Classe 4B Turismo
Anno scolastico 2013-14
Prof.ssa M. Reviglio
Testi in adozione:
- Tourism at Work di K. O' Malley, Ediz. Europass
Literature for life - Light di D. J. Ellis, Ediz. Loescher
A. Del testo Tourism at Work sono state svolte le seguenti sezioni:
Section 1 – Planning a trip
Unit 1 – The tourist industry
Unit 2 – Travel arrangements
Unit 3 – Careers in tourism
Tourism fact files: Italy (The Regions of Italy; Highlights of Northern Italy, Highlights of Southern Italy,
Statistics and sites)
Section 2 – Travel: how to get there
Unit 4 – Air travel
Unit 5 – Land travel
Unit 6 – Sea Travel
Tourism fact files: The British Isles (The Regions of the British Isles)
B. Del testo Tourism at Work Extra sono stati trattati i seguenti argomenti:
Folder A – Sales and Marketing: descriptions and advertisements
Describing an itinerary, Describing a tour, Describing a cruise.
Folder B - Business transactions: letters and e-mails
Layout of a business letter, Curriculum vitae, Letter of application, Letter of enquiry, Letter of reply.
C. Del testo Literature for life sono state trattate le seguenti parti:
Section 1 - Understanding the Author's Craft
- Learning about Fiction: 'Paddy Clarke ha ha ha' by Roddy Doyle (first and second extract, pp.19-26 + 29).
- Learning about Poetry: Form, Content and Language, 'Dreams' by L. Hughes, Sound Features (Rhyme,
Repetition and Rhythm), 'In Flanders Fields' by J. McCrae, 'Upon his Departure Hence' by R. Herrick;
The poems (p. 41).
- Learning about Drama: Dramatic conventions, O. Wilde 'The Importance of Being Earnest' (pp. 43-50);
W. Shakespeare 'Romeo and Juliet' (pp. 55-61), The plays (pp. 63-64).
Section 2: W. Shakespeare (Hamlet p. 96, monologue from Act III, scene 1 – p. 101, 102).
Section 3 – The Romantic Age
The Historical Context, The Literary Context, Research Documents (Child labour in cotton spinning
mills, p. 146), W. Wordsworth: 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' and 'I wandered as lonely as a
cloud', First Generation Romantic Poets (pp. 158-161).
Monsummano, 29 maggio 2014
Marina Reviglio
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