Invitation symp

Utrecht Medicines
Exploration Centre
Invitation Fourth
Molecules and
Medicine Symposium
23 January 2015, 12.00-18.00,
location to be announced
Where the chemists,
biologists, pharmacists
and (veterinary) doctors
Fourth Molecules and
Medicines Symposium
Leonard van den Berg (UMCU) on ALS
Celia Berkers (UU Science) on Metabolomics
Henk Haagsman (UU Veterinary Medicine) on Host
Defense Peptides
Jurgen Kuball (UMCU) on Immunotherapy
Guus Scheefhals (CrossBeta) on Amyloid disease
Bas Kremer (TNO) on Systems Biology
Jeffrey Beekman (UMCU) on Cystic Fibrosis
You are very welcome to attend this science and networking event.
Please email your presence to [email protected] because of the catering.
Roland Pieters, Wim Hennink, Ed Moret
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