Thresholds are not…….

Thresholds for access to services
and neglect practice guidance
Margaret Dennison
Introducing Thresholds
What are thresholds
Why do we need them
Who are they for
How they will be applied
Communication and learning
When to start using them
Thresholds are not…….
• A substitute for a common assessment
• A substitute for a social work or specialist
• A means to secure a service
• Any form of guarantee
• A guide
• More explicit about when to refer to the local
authority Children and Young Peoples Services
Assessment and Intervention Team
As an aid
• To clarify roles and responsibilities
• To increase awareness and understanding of
layers of service
• To support the implementation of ECM policy
• To implement the legal framework
• To mandate the Children’s Trust Partnership in its
commissioning agenda prevention
• To increase consistency of decision making
Children’s Services Strategy
Universal Services
Targeted Services
Partner agencies
form a ‘safety net’
between each stage
Section 17
• s.17. Provision of services for children in need, their
families and others.
(10) For the purposes of this Part a child shall be taken to be
in need if—
(a) he is unlikely to achieve or maintain, or to have the
opportunity of achieving or maintaining, a reasonable
standard of health or development without the provision
for him of services by a local authority under this Part;
(b) his health or development is likely to be significantly
impaired, or further impaired, without the provision for him
of such services;
Section 47
• s.47. Local authority's duty to
(1)Where a local authority
(b) have reasonable cause to suspect that a
child who lives, or is found, in their area is
suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant
harm [.]2
• Open statements
• Useful in training
• Clearer about ACCOUNTABILITIES throughout
the Children’s Trust
• Allows LSCB to monitor more effectively
• Capable of further development
• Bottom line on child protection referrals where
Section 47 enquiries are necessary
• Start using them now
• Hard copies of the thresholds are on tables
• The full guidance is available on Children’s
Trust and LSCB websites
Further learning
• A practice guidance booklet is being drafted
and should be available within next few
• Models of “grading tools” for “neglect” from
other areas are receiving active