The age should be between 18-30 years and also we should point

Team MaKeWa
(Matti, Keino &
Usability testing plan for the game ”Year
of Eden – The Puzzle Game” created by
Bellegames Ltd.
School of Business and Information
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Team members
 Matti
[email protected]
 Eliud Keino
[email protected]
 Wasihun Eshetu
[email protected]
Test description from the
test plan
We are testing generally the first impressions the
game gives to people who hasn’t been playing
the game before.
And also how playable the game is at first time,
and how helpful the instructions are for beginners.
From the test plan: The age should be between 1830 years and also we should point out the player’s
technical background, if it makes any difference or
Test group
The age distribution average was 22,6 years
 10
of test persons were male and 4 females
 Try
With 14 test persons the average points were
around 3339 points
 Try
~4637 points
 Try
~3957 points
 Conclusion
might be that test persons were not
that eager of playing the game more than twice
Test persons technical
 35
% of our test persons have been
playing flash games more than 9 years
 15 % of our test persons have been
playing flash games 6-9 years
 50 per cent have been playing flash
games less than 3 years
Facebook-gaming history
of test persons
 28
per cent plays facebook-games once
in a month –basis
 35 per cent once in a week
 14 per cent once in a day
 21 per cent have not ever played
facebook-games at all
 Were
the instructions helpful:
9 out of 14 thought the instructions were
helpful and 5 didn’t find them helpful or
didn’t use them at all
 Although
it became obvious that the
instructions should be seen also when the
game is being paused
 Question : how did you like the graphics
of the game? (1-5)
~3,4 points
 How
helpful were the instructions? (1-5)
~3 points
 How
did you like the moving menu of the
~3,6 point
 10
out of 14 would change something
with the game e.g. instructions, colors
(how the colors can be distinguished)
 4 out of 14 would not change anything
with the game
 Everyone wanted to have some extra
bonus points or different levels with the
game, and also the possibility to combine
diagonal lines also
 Frustration
1,5 points (0-5)
 Willingness
and enjoyability
3,1 points (0-5)
 How
easy it was to learn how to play the
3,6 points (0-5)
out of 14 players experienced the game
as easy, 3 great, 4 as basic for this kind of
game and 1 as irritating and 2 as
Thank You!
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