Study Options for MCAT2015
• Intro to MCAT2015 - key points from the
prior MCAT2015 workshops
• Presentations of Study Options
Official MCAT2015 site for students at:
Intro to MCAT2015
Preserves Testing Of:
• Natural sciences concepts medical school faculty
want entrants to know
• Critical analysis and reasoning skills
Enriches Exam By Testing:
• Competencies in the Scientific Foundations of
Future Physicians Report (SFFP)
• Foundational concepts in social and behavioral
• Scientific inquiry, reasoning, research methods and
statistical skills
MCAT2015 – 4 Sections, 4 Scores
Biological &
Foundations of
Living Systems
Bio, gen chem, orgo, biochem.
Data based statistical reasoning.
Psychological, Social,
& Biological
Foundations of
Chemical & Physical
Foundations of
Biological Systems
Bio, gen chem, orgo, biochem, physics.
Data based statistical reasoning.
Critical Analysis &
Reasoning Skills
The natural science and social sciences sections
are organized around three dimensions.*
1. Foundational concepts
- the “big ideas” that provide the foundation
for learning in medical school
2. Content categories
- the topics and subtopics needed to
understand the foundational concepts
3. Scientific inquiry and reasoning skills
- the inquiry and reasoning skills required to
solve scientific problems
* The Official Guide to the MCAT 2015 Exam, (AAMC publication) p. 68
What’s on the MCAT2015 Exam?
New Scoring System:
The scale for each section ranges from 118 to 132.
Total scores will range from 472 – 528.
30-minute mid-exam break and two 10-minute breaks
• Examinees with extended testing time can test over two days
Currently Available Resources from the AAMC
• What’s on the MCAT2015 (FREE)
• Videos from the Khan Academy/AAMC
Collaboration (FREE)
• Videos from the Prehealth Collaborative (FREE)
• The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam
(MCAT2015), Fourth Edition ( For purchase)
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