SAT Vocab

From Princeton Review’s Hit Parade
Week 1:
 Knowing or perceiving quickly and readily
2. Paramount
Of chief concern or importance
3. Urbane
Notably polite and elegant in manner; suave
4. Epiphany
A sudden burst of understanding or discovery
5. Trenchant
Keen, incisive
6. Whimsical
Subject to erratic behavior; unpredictable
To try to equal or excel, especially through
8. Nascent
Coming into existence; emerging
9. Novice
A beginner
10. Laudatory
Expressing great praise
Week 3
1. Incumbent
Imposed as a duty; obligatory
2. Indigenous
Originating and living in a particular area
3. Innate
Possessed at birth; inborn
5. Parochial
Narrow in scope
6. Pervasive
Having the quality or tendency to be
everywhere at the same time
7. Penitent
Expressing remorse for one’s misdeeds
8. Vindicated
Freed from blame
9. Jurisprudence
The philosophy or science of law
10. Biased
Week 4
1. Immutable
Not able to be changed
2. Mundane
Commonplace; ordinary
3. Prosaic
Unimaginative; dull
4. Prudent
Exercising good judgement
5. Tenent
A principle held as being true by a person or an
6. Stoic
Indifferent to pleasure or pain; impassive
7. Austere
Somber; stern
8. Genre
Describing a category of artistic endeavor
9. Staid
Characterized by a strait-laced sense of
10. Archaic
Characteristic of an earlier, more primitive
period; old-fashioned