The League of Nations
Many people thought the
League of Nations was
going to be a great
project for the future.
Despite this USA never
joined it.
People’s view towards the League
of Nations.
Cartoon Analysis:
Cartoon A
Cartoon A is a cartoon that “supports” the
League. We can see that there is a big bowl full
of bubbles, and it has a label that says
“IDEALISM”. There is a man with a suit, and a
pipe. His is smoking it. A bubble is coming out of
the pipe, and on it is written “LEAGUE OF
NATIONS”. The message of the cartoon is that
the League wasn’t just an idea, it was going to
succeed. And the ideas, were going to be done.
It would became more powerful, if more people
supported them.
Cartoon B
This cartoon, in a way, is “against” the League
of Nations. The background is a jungle. There
are two animals; a rabbit which says “League of
Nations” and the snake says “International
Strife” (strife = problems, fight). The snake is
ready to attack the rabbit. The message of the
cartoon is that the League wouldn’t be able to
manage the international problems, because the
League was weaker, and it was weak because
they didn’t have the people’s support.
Could the League of Nations avoid
In this cartoon we can see a
big and furious dog with a
muzzel in which
is written and a barbed
collar which has a medal
which says “THE DOG
OF WAR”. The cartoon’s
message is that if the
League was set up, war
would be avoided,
because countries would
solve their problems
talking instead of fighting.
Was the USA essential?
“The Gap in the Bridge”
This is the caption of the cartoon, in which we can see an
incomplete bridge in which : “BELGUIM-FRANCEENGLAND-ITALY” is written. On one side of the brige
we can see a poster that says: “The League of Nations
bridge was created by a president of the USA”. On the
other side, we see a man smoking a pipe, lying on a rock
which says “KEYSTONE USA”. This stone, is the one
which should be in the bridge, the one missing. The
message of this cartoon is that people thought that USA
was essential for the League, because they created it
but although the USA knew this, they didn’t care, and
never joined it.
• Malena Di Bella
• Candelaria Del Carril
Hope you understand us