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National Core Set
Presentation to Public Libraries
eResources Consultation Forum
31 March 2011
NSLA’s Project 7
“Collaborative Collections”
Project 7 “Collaborative Collections”
• NSLA Re-imagining Libraries Strategic Plan
• Project 7 “Collaborative Collections”
• National Core Set E-resources initiative
Project 7 “Collaborative Collections”
Lead Agencies
State Library of Queensland &
State Library of New South Wales
Increased efficiencies and purchasing power through:
Combined collection development; and
Further developing relationships with creators, publishers and
Project 7 “Collaborative Collections”
Context and scope…
identify models for collaborative collection development for both current
collections (retrospective) and future acquisitions (prospective).
focused on 3 collection formats: e-resources, serials and monographs.
optimisation of staff subject expertise to benefit service delivery across all
NSLA libraries.
National Core Set - Background
National Core Set - Background
• October 2003 - Senate Environment, Communications,
Information Technology and the Arts References Committee
on “Libraries in the online environment” (role of NLA)
• 2004-2006 – National Site Licensing Forums
• 2007 - 4th National Site Licensing Forum – 9 May 2007
and the launch of Electronic Resources Australia (ERA)
which is “a consortia for Australian Libraries for
collaborative purchasing of electronic resources”
• 2008 - NSLA Consortium – NSLA’s The Big Bang:
Creating the new library (2001-2009) plan.
• 2010 - NSLA E-Resources Consortium
NSLA Consortium – Progress Report 2008
The objective of the NSLA is to enable all
Australians to have a defined set of online quality
information resources that are of national interest
and relevance. By defining a core set and working
towards providing access to these e-resources
through the NSLA libraries will mean that all
Australians can potentially have access to this
information as a member of their NSLA library…
Role of NSLA e Resources Con…
• NSLA E-Resources Consortium tasked with evaluating,
costing and recommending a core set of e-resources for
NSLA libraries.
• Four person evaluation subcommittee was formed to
evaluate, cost and recommend an ideal set of unlimited
remote access e-resources for the NSLA libraries.
• A core set of 20 products covering 19 different subject
category/product types was recommended by the
subcommittee in June 2010.
• Two phase approach recommended.
Implementation Approach
Implementation Approach
Phase 1A – Products (9 products)
Oxford Reference Online Premium
AustLit: the Australian Literature Resource
Ancestry Library Edition/ Plus
Company360 – Universe
Literature Resource Centre
Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985
Health & Wellness Reference Centre
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
Informit Complete package
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes to 5 of the 9 titles)
Implementation Approach
Phase 1B – Products (7 products)
Oxford English Dictionary
Macquarie Dictionary & Thesaurus
Oxford Music Online
Oxford Art Online
Science Resource Center
SMH Archive,The Age and
The Western Australian Newspaper
(SLQ subscribes)
(no sub)
(no sub)
(SLQ subscribes)
(SLQ subscribes)
(no sub)
(no sub)
Still being negotiated
SLQ subscribes to all but four of these titles
Implementation Approach
Phase 2 (4 products) - yet to be completed.
1. News & Current Affairs – Current Australian and International newspapers
Titles under consideration: “NewsBank” and “ANZ Newsstand”
2. Humanities & Social Sciences – Law
Titles under consideration: various Thompson and LexisNexis titles
3. Multi-subject databases – International
Titles under consideration: “MasterFile Premier” (Ebsco) and” ProQuest 5000”
4. Science – Technology & Standards
Titles under consideration: “Standards Online Premium”
Current Status
Current Status
• Option 1 unlimited users for all products.
• Option 2 current level of access plus entry level access for new
Option 2 is the Consortium’s preferred option
Current Status
Next Steps
Negotiation with RMIT Publishing on a multi-year deal for Informit
Development of a marketing plan for e-resources (including key messages
to public libraries)
Negotiation on pricing of the 7 products in Phase 1B to commence in
January 2013
Insignificant increase in SLQ recurrent e-resource budget – SLQ already
provides remote access to most of the core set titles.
The normal access arrangements will remain in place: Queensland
residents will need to acquire an eServices card or establish a QPL account
to gain remote access to the core set titles.
Statewide access licence provisions will remain in place for Encyclopaedia
Britannica Online, Health and Wellness Resource Centre and Ancestry
Library Edition (onsite access only).
Queensland residents will get access to additional titles to which SLQ may
not otherwise have chosen to subscribe.
NSLA focus on monitoring usage and “marketing” or the Core Set.
Thank you…
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