Madalina Neata (Romanian Border Police) "Teaching English for

Teaching English for
Specific Purposes
English Basic Training Tool for
Border Guard Working at
What is ESP?
Characteristics of ESP (absolute and
variable characteristics)
ESP and General English
Developing an English for Specific
Purposes Course
What is ESP?
the teaching of English for any
purpose that could be specified
the teaching of English used in
academic studies or the teaching of
English for vocational or professional
Characteristics of ESP
Absolute characteristics
- ESP - meets specific needs of the
- ESP - makes use of underlying
methodology and activities of the
discipline it serves
- ESP - centered on the language
appropriate to specific activities
Variable characteristics
- ESP - related to or designed for
specific disciplines
- ESP – uses a different methodology
from that of General English
- ESP - designed for adult learners,
either at a tertiary level institution or
in a professional work situation
- ESP - designed for intermediate or
advanced students assuming the
existence of some basic knowledge
ESP and General English
Question:' What is the difference between
the ESP and General English approach?‘
Answer: “In theory nothing, in practice a
great deal".
ESP assesses needs and integrates
motivation, subject matter and content for
the teaching of relevant skills.
Developing an English for Specific
Purposes Course
Usage of a learner centered approach
Steps taken :
- Students' analysis
- Formulation of goals and objectives of the
- Conceptualizing the content (communicative
competence, intercultural competence, vocabulary awareness)
- Selecting and developing ESP materials 
- Course planning
-Evaluating the course
Questions? 
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