PLTW Frameworks Presentation from 2012 Long Beach ITEEA

MN STEM 2.0 Frameworks Model for
PLTW and Tech Ed
ITEEA Conference
Long Beach CA March 2012
First: What exactly is STEM?
The Minnesota Department of Education uses the
following definition of STEM:
“Integrated STEM Education is standardsbased, best-practice instruction from the fields
of science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics to explore relevant questions and
problems based in the natural and designed
world. It provides intentionally-designed, linkedlearning experiences for students to apply and
develop understandings of Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
concepts and processes.”
Rationale for Integrating Math and
Science into PLTW and Tech Ed…
• Students need the applied “real world” approach
to math and science that tech ed and
engineering can provide
• Elective classes in general are on the
“endangered species list”; those that support the
core are likely to survive (Darwin…)
• Tech ed and PLTW are perfect STEM
integration environments
Got STEM 1.0??
STEM 2.0 Model
Got STEM 2.0??
Lindstrom 2010
Funding partnerships for Phase I:
Phase I for the MN Math and Science
Frameworks and website - $742,000 MDE
– Creation of Frameworks
– Creation of STEM Teacher Center website
– Phase II funders are being sought
Phase I for PLTW Frameworks - $57,000
Kern Family Foundation
– Phase II funders are being sought
What’s in Phase II?
• Web 2.0 capability:
• Community Conversations
• Sharing of documents/resources/videos
• Collaborative development area
PLTW Frameworks
• Replication of STEM TC Website and data entry
• Web 2.0 capability
Frameworks template for delivering
the STEM 2.0 model…
Frameworks template for delivering
the STEM 2.0 model: the parts…
The Tech Ed/Engineering
Integration Documents
• These documents map the original math
and science Frameworks into a variety of
tech ed and engineering classes
• Organized by either course or standard*
• * Only naturally fitting, fully addressed
standards are targeted (NRC
Frameworks Development Process
PLTW Model
Identify writers (17 – paired by course)
Two training sessions
Select standards that match courses
Write first draft of each Framework
Send out for Postsecondary review
Send to editor
Final formatting with logos
Post to web as Word/PDF
All managed in Google Docs
But, will Frameworks get used?
• As of February 2012 (8 months after the launch
of the MN Math Science Frameworks website MN STEM Teacher Center) we are up to 65,000
page views per month
• On March 16 2012 the STEM Teacher Center is
being awarded the “Most Innovative Program
Delivery” for a nonprofit by the MN Council of
Nonprofits DOT ORG awards
• The PLTW Frameworks are launching in March
Next Steps…
Get the word out on this resource
Provide training on use of the Frameworks
Complete Phase II for both projects
Update Frameworks as standards change
Integrate the Common Core mathematics
and NGSS Science standards over time
• Seek funding for all of the above…
Contact Us
• Gary Gronquist – MN Technology and
Engineering Educators Association
(MTEEA) Executive Director and PLTW
Project Director: [email protected]
• Dr. Mike Lindstrom – MTEEA Professional
Growth Chair and MN Math and Science
Frameworks Project Director:
[email protected]
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