De La Salle College Belfast

De La Salle College
De La Salle College
A Self Evaluating School
• Individual Reflection at end of lessons
• Professional Dialogue – formal and informal
• Using Data to differentiate, set future targets,
effect improvement and track pupil progress
• Analysis of Examination Results
• Annual HOD review
• Departmental Development Plans
• SWOT analysis
• SLT Review of CDP
• Quality Assurance Team
De La Salle College
Self Evaluation leading to Improvement
Priorities for 2012-2013
1. Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
5. Strengthening
4. Leadership and
2. Pastoral Care
3. Learning and Teaching
Learning and Teaching:
Pastoral Care:
Learning and Teaching:
Impact Assessment
Pastoral Care:
Impact Assessment
De La Salle College
A Self Evaluating School
• Self Evaluation Processes and Priorities written into
CDP for 3 year period
• Learning and Teaching Policy (Quality Assurance Team)
• Questionnaires to parents and visitors
• Staff Development Programme & PRSD
• Heads of Department led formal SE processes previous
18 – 24 months:
- PMB Subject Self Evaluation (focus on Ethos/Culture;
Leadership and Learning and Teaching)
- TTI Revised ‘Together Towards Improvement’ - SE
Learning and Teaching
- Departmental Evaluation Pupil Performance
Cohort 2012
Invite external scrutiny:
•Investors in People, IIP and IQM and ETI Visits/Meetings/Interviews