wave energy

By wave dudes!!
 Why we need Renewable energy?
 How wave energy works?
 Example pictures
 Advantages
 Disadvantages
 Future
 Quiz (have you been listening carefully?)
 Question Time
 Thanks
We need renewable energy because we need to make
the world cleaner.
 We also need renewable energy because we need to
make the world a better palace.
We need renewable energy because we need to stop
using fossil fuels.
Wave energy work be a fixed devices are fixed to the
sea bed or the seashore, for example the Limpet on the
Scottish island of Islay.
The Limpet was the world’s first large wave power
The limpet can supply electricity to about 350 homes.
Inside the limpet is a wells turbine this special turbine
turns in the same direction regardless of which way
the air moves.
 Once constructed, running costs are very low.
 No waste or pollution is produced.
 Wave-energy generators are capable of producing large
amounts of energy.
 Wave energy generators are only effective where
they are exposed to strong waves.
 They can be noisy.
 Wave energy generators may be a hazard to
ships to leisure craft.
 In the future there might be more wave energy
 In the future the more wave energy invented the more
hazards to ships.
 In the Future there might be more waves.
Why do we need renewable energy?
How does wave energy work?
What are two wave energy machines?
What is the 2nd disadvantage?
Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoyed our
project .
By the wave dudes!
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