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The Judgment Index™
The Science Behind your
Leadership Brand
You/Me/Leadership Brand/Recap
Brand = Your point of
Brands are used in business, marketing and advertising.
Initially, livestock branding was adopted to differentiate one
person's cattle from another’s
Brand: why does it matter to
you? Does it matter to you?
White board expectations
Photo Album
Grew-up Cleveland, OH
Kent State University-BBA Business 1986
Captain KSU Rugby
E.&J. Gallo Winery – Sales
Veryfine Products Fruit2O® 1999
Masters in Social Science and Theology
Started, LLC 2001
The 40:40 Principle
RAF Mildenhall, UK “C”D
Current: goal is to work with 100 world changing high purpose
organizations by 2025 (
The Judgment Index™
Judgment Matters
A Brief Overview
January 2015
Two Primary Styles of Leadership
Two Primary Styles of Leadership
About JI:
We are an international marketing and consulting organization with
USA headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee with operations in
the UK and Germany. (
Our business is built around the fact that the success of any
organization is due to several components, the most important of
which is the good judgment of its people in the work they perform.
The Judgment Index™ is a unique assessment tool that provides
quantifiable measurements of one’s judgment capacity (decision
making capacity).
The Robert Hartman - Judgment Index™
• Dr. Robert Hartman (1910 -1973)
• Fled Germany during the Nazi period – to USA
• Academic and research positions (Yale, MIT, Ohio State, 50+
lectureships in the US)
• Developed the Hartman Value Profile, now the JI Index
• Nominated for Noble Prize
• The Hartman Institute is housed on the University of
Tennessee Campus in Knoxville, TN.
• Office HQ in Chattanooga, TN
What is the Judgment Index™?
• Known as the most scientific, mathematical, and logically
based assessment instrument in the world
- 2 lists of 18 items
- 12,800,000,000,000,000 possible outcomes
• Predicative - Accurate - Measurable - Easily Understood
• Assessment of a person’s capacity for Good Judgment
• In street language: this tool shows how well a person is using
their basic personality (white house and jail house)
What the Judgment Index™ Isn’t
• It is NOT an IQ Test
• It doesn’t measure or evaluate knowledge or skills
• It doesn’t predict aptitude
• It is NOT a measure of Psychopathology
• It doesn’t evaluate mental health
• It is NOT a Personality Profile
• It is not a Myers-Briggs or DISC type assessment
The Judgment Index™ measures the capacity for
Good Judgment (decision making)
Using the Judgment Index™ to Enhance
Competent Skill Sets (CSS)
Competent Processes (CP)
Good Information (GI)
Good Judgment (GJ)
Quality Work = (CSS + CP + GI) x GJ
1. Without Good Judgment, great skills, processes, and
information are wasted.
2. With Good Judgment, skills, processes, and information will be
effectively utilized and enhanced.
Assessment Capacity
• There are 80+ indicators of measurement:
• Dependability, Work Ethic
• Trainability and the Ability to Understand Work
• Noticing, Basic Insight
• Problem Solving
• Focus and Concentration
• Moral Conscience
• Stress and Positive Attitude
• Following Directions with Accuracy
• Understanding What is Important
• Problem Solving Style
The Judgment Index™ Engagement Report
Three KEY Areas of Judgment
Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and Systemic
• Intrinsic Judgment = People (TOLERANCE)
• Extrinsic Judgment = Process, Work Tasks (DEPENDABILITY)
• Systemic Judgment = Strategic, Abstract, “Big Picture” (PATIENCE)
How implement Judgment Index™?
Main goal is to clarify and engage your leadership BRAND
Best quality (Maximize) your results JI and MBTI
Reason for leading? (internal motive)
Achilles heal (Minimize) your results JI and MBTI
Need in the organization or world (external motive)
Deliver plus 1%
• #1 BRAND attribute: ask yourself, “Am I more people
oriented (coach approach) or task oriented (command and
• How would THE SITUATION dictate your orientation?
Wrap-up Take-a-ways
& Expectations
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