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Performance of contract
Performance is actually completing the deal according to
the terms given in the contract.
 Promisor
 Promise
Joint Performance
 Join performance is same as performance but in this
performance, more than one persons/parties are
involves in one side or in both sides for performance of
By Performance
By Agreement
Subsequent Impossibility
Discharge of contract
Laps of time
Operation of law
Breach of contract
Remedies of Breach of contract
 Suit for recession
 Suit for damages
 Suit for quantum merit
Remedies of Breach of contract
 Suit for specific performance
 Suit for injunction
“A contract by which one party promises to save the
other party from loss caused to him by the
conduct of Promisor himself or by the conduct of
other person”
Parties of indemnity
 Indemnifier
 Indemnity holder
 “A contract of guarantee is contract to perform the
promise or discharge the liability of third person
in case of his default.”
Parties of Guarantee
 Surety
 Creditor
 Principal debtor
 “A bailment is the delivery of goods by one person
to another for some purpose, upon a contract that
the shell be, when the purpose is accomplished be
returned or otherwise dispose of according to the
person delivering them.”
There are two parties in the contract of bailment:
 Bailor:
The person who delivers the goods is called bailor.
 Bailee:
The person to whom the goods are delivered is
called bailee.
 “The bailment of goods as security for the
payment of debt or performance of a promise is
called pledge”
 Parties of Pledge
 Pledger
 Pledgee
 The contract of relationship between an agent and his
principal is called agency.
 Agent
An agent is a person employed to an act for
another or to represent another in dealing with
third party
 Principal
The person on whom such an act is done or who is
so represented is called principal
 “Partnership is an association of two to twenty
people who carry on business together for the
purpose of making profit”
 Name of business, partner names, and place etc
 Partnership deed/agreement
 Fee Paid challan
 CNIC of partners and other relevant persons
 Large Capital:
 Better decisions
 Loan Facility
 Division of Risk:
 Borrowing Power:
 Unlimited Liability:
 Skills:
 Easy Formation
Dissolution Of Partnership
The dissolution of partnership between all the partners
of a firm is called the "dissolution of the firm"
Dissolution Of Partnership
 By agreement
 By notice
 Compulsory
 Unlawful
 Insolvency
Dissolution Of Partnership
 Contingent
 Insolvency
 Death of partner
 Expiry of period
 Competition of work
 Dissolution by court
 Breach of agreement
 Unsound mind
 Unable to perform duty
 Misconduct
 Transfer of share
 Regular losses
Division of assets/liabilities on
dissolution of partnership
 Pay outsider loans
 Pay insider loans
 Divide assets liabilities according to capital ratio
 Remaining surplus after paying capital, divide
according to profit ratio
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