The Ugly Animals Roadshow

The Ugly Animal
Presented by Simon Watt as part of the Talking Science
Friday 31 October: 11:00am, 1:30pm and 7:00pm
Pickavance Lecture Theatre at the Rutherford
Appleton Laboratory
A FREE entertaining comedy show
for all the family this half term!
Simon Watt is President for Life of the Ugly Animal Preservation
Society, a comedy show with a conservation twist. At the Ugly
Animal Preservation Society, we celebrate and explore
the incredible biology of the animal kingdom’s most monstrous
animals. What adaptations make them amazing? How did such
hideous creatures evolve in the first place? The show features
videos, demonstrations and lots and lots of audience
Booking is essential:
Book online
Or call 01235 445959 (24 hour answer phone)