Warilla High School Support Unit Education Expo 2013 The Role of

The Role of the Support Unit
 The Support Unit is an
integral part of Warilla High
 It consists of five classes and
is staffed with a number of
Specialist Teachers and
Support Learning Officers
who are skilled at delivering
specific education programs
to students who may have a
Mild or Moderate learning
disability, Autism/Aspergers
or a Mental Health diagnosis
(emotional disability).
Individualised Learning Programs
 The Support Unit
delivers a NSW Board of
Studies endorsed Life
Skills curriculum across
a number of its classes
which enables teaching
staff to target specific
outcomes linked to
identified targets in
Individual Educational
IEP development and review
 The IEPs are developed
using a team approach,
ensuring input from
parents, carers, outside
agencies where relevant,
teaching staff and the
 The IEPs are reviewed each
year to monitor progress in
relation to identified
Developing Life
The senior class
learnt to sew on
buttons and use a
sewing machine to
make a cushion
Student Progress
 Parents and carers receive a
comprehensive report twice a
year that enables them to track
the progress and strengths of
their child and identify areas for
further development.
 The reporting process is linked
to Individual Education Plans
developed for each student.
 Parents and carers are also
encouraged to make regular
contact with their child’s teacher
and become an integral part of
the educational process.
Course Outline
 The Life Skills curriculum is delivered in 3 stages.
 Stage 4 and 5 covers from Years 7 to 10
 Stage 6 encompasses Years 11 and 12.
Stage 4 and 5
 A minimum of 8 subjects are
undertaken in Years 7 to 10. These
include English, Maths, Science,
HSIE, LOTE, PDHPE, Visual Arts
and Technology and Design.
 English and Maths are considered
core subjects and are taught by
the Support Unit teaching staff.
 Other Key Learning Areas are
taught by Specialist Teachers in
other faculties.
In the Science Lab
Students have the
opportunity to be
taught by
mainstream teachers
and access
mainstream facilities
Dissecting an eye !
Access to Mainstream subjects
 Students in Years 8, 9
and 10 are also given the
opportunity to access
mainstream electives.
 If a student displays a
talent or gift in a
particular mainstream
Key Learning Area they
are encouraged to
participate in it with
their mainstream peers.
Stage 6
 In stage 6 students undertake a
Life Skills HSC pattern of
study, nominating a minimum
of 5 subjects with each subject
worth 2 units.
 The choices are broad and
include English, Maths,
Citizenship and Society,
Creative Arts and Work and
the Community.
Access to HSC options
 Opportunity to access
mainstream subjects as
part of their HSC also
 Added to this, students
are provided with the
opportunity to access SVET and T-VET courses
as part of their HSC.
TAFE Taster Day
Robert has the
chance to show his
bricklaying skills at
Wollongong TAFE
Work Experience
 Work experience forms a key
link between Stage 5 and 6 of
the Life Skills curriculum.
 Our students are encouraged to
participate in this valuable
program which enables them to
acquire vocational competencies
and opportunities that will
support them in a post school
 The Support Unit has an
excellent relationship with local
businesses ensuring our
students are given wide ranging
Social and Emotional Development
 A major emphasis of the
Support Unit is to provide
our students with
opportunities that
promote social and
emotional growth,
enabling them to value
their contribution to the
wider school and broader
Involvement in Extra Curricular Activities
 Social and Emotional
growth is encouraged
through participation in all
school extra curricula
activities such as sporting
teams, excursions with
mainstream peers,
representation on the SRC
and leadership
opportunities within the
school and local
Climbing to Success
Liam enjoys a day
out at Hang Dog as
part of Skills Week
Social Skills
 Teaching staff within
the Support Unit have
embedded a Social
Skills curriculum
within their programs,
ensuring that students
acquire the
competencies to
interact successfully in
the broader society.
Learning can be fun !
The Senior Class
enjoy a social outing
planned and
organised as part of
their Community
Access Program
 If you have any questions
or would like additional
information in relation
to the Warilla High
School Support Unit,
please don’t hesitate to
contact the school.
 [email protected]
Our Achievements
• Warilla High School Support Unit
Teaching Recognition
• 2008 ISER award for excellence in
Special Education
• 2011 ISER award for excellence in
• 2011 Australian College Of
Achievement in Education
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