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Bennett Memorial Diocesan
Considering a career change?
Thinking of teaching?
What are the rewards?
• From day one you are in a position of leadership.
• Making a difference to young people, inspiring interest,
enthusiasm, ‘lighting a fire’ (rather than ‘filling a
bucket’!), leaving a legacy
• Belonging to a community – support, interaction,
relationships, co-building an ethos, chance to support
student learning and development outside the
• Being appreciated – students, parents, colleagues
• Doing a professional job, gaining satisfaction
• Feeling stretched, always learning, getting better
Qualities and qualifications
• A lively interest in a subject
• Shortage subjects are Mathematics, Sciences,
English, Modern Languages, Computing Science
• Other important subjects include History,
Geography, Design Technology, Biology, Music
• A ‘good’ degree – ideally a 2.1 or above
• Strong interest in or experience of young people
and their learning
• A positive outlook and a belief that education can
be transformational to individuals and for society
Training routes
• PGCE – Post Graduate Certificate in Education
– run by a university education department
• Theoretical input in university setting as well
as two extended school placements (typically
10-12 weeks each)
• ‘Schools Direct’ – a ‘school based’ route
• Single main placement and a much shorter
second placement; shorter university input
So, what are Bennett offering?
• Schools Direct places leading to a PGCE –
internationally recognised teacher training
• In partnership with the University of London
Institute of Education.
Why train with us?
• Church of England co-educational school with
independent academy status
• Judged to be outstanding in every area by
Ofsted in 2012
• Outstanding GCSE and A level results
• Excellent reputation; oversubscribed
• 1500 students on roll including 350 in the
Sixth form
The subjects on offer at Bennett (subject
to confirmation from ‘Schools Direct’)
Modern Foreign language (Fr, Ge, Sp)
Costs and options at Bennett (1)
• These depend on the subject, the kind of degree you have,
and the route you choose.
• At Bennett all options lead to a PGCE.
• If you take the Schools Direct salaried route you are
employed as an unqualified teacher by the school
• You pay no tuition fees
• You must have at least three years work experience post
• Following subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics,
Modern foreign languages.
• You attend the Institute of education for 15 days in the year
and have a second school placement of up to 4 weeks.
Costs and options at Bennett (2)
• If you take the Schools Direct training route you are
effectively a postgraduate student at the IoE in London
with your school placement at Bennett. A short placement
is also undertaken at another school.
• You pay tuition fees (2013/14: £9000). These are eligible for
student loans.
• You are a graduate who meets all the current criteria for
teacher training (e.g. degree, GCSE or equivalent grade C or
above in English and Maths).
• Many who opt for this route will be recent graduates but
there is nothing to stop graduates who graduated more
than three years ago to apply for this route.
• You can apply for bursaries and/or scholarships.
Bursaries available (tax free)
Maths &
1st class degree
Full details of funding for the training route here:
Subjects available for training route
(subject to confirmation)
Modern Foreign Languages
What do teachers get paid?
• Teaching salaries are becoming more flexible and
may vary from school to school
• A typical starting salary for a graduate is £23k
• After about 5 years and assuming no additional
responsibility this rises to £32k
• A head of a small department with up to about
10 years’ experience might earn £41k
• A head of a large department might earn £50k
• A deputy head in a large school might earn in the
region of £70k
What are career opportunities?
• The teaching workforce is much more dynamic
than ever before – opportunities to promote and
develop teachers with potential are increasing
• Shortage subjects have more opportunities than
• Outstanding teachers get access to better
• Other experience can help speed up promotion
• Typical promotion times: 3-5 years for
small/medium subject leaders; 5-8 years for
larger subjects; 7-10 years for leadership team
How is education in England changing?
Focus on subject learning
School autonomy
Greater freedoms for professionals
Balanced with accountability
Further questions and key dates
• Useful email:
• Anna Taylor: [email protected]
• From 31st October Bennett will receive confirmation
subjects we are able to offer. These will be on our website
from 4th November.
• From 21st November you will be able to apply through the
UCAS website.
• Useful further information on the Department for
education website:
• Institute of Education website:
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