Massachusetts Intel® Math Initiative (MIMI)

Intel® Math
The Intel Math Program is a nation-wide contentbased professional development program for K-8
The 80-hour course has been implemented since
2007 and has reached over 1,400 teachers.
For 2010-11, we are in seven states (AZ, CA, IL,
MA, NJ, NM, & PA)
Course Basics
80 hour professional development course
For K-8 mathematics teachers
Emphasis on deepening the conceptual understanding of
mathematics through exploration, inquiry activities,
solution sharing, and homework
90% math content &
Co-teaching model  1 mathematician instructor
1 mathematics educator instructor
10% math pedagogy
Course Themes
Mathematics is problem solving
Arithmetic, geometry, & algebra
are interconnected
There are many ways to solve a problem
Intel Math is not…
Intel Math is…
…deeply conceptual
…make and take
…for building the
foundational knowledge
of teachers
…only focused on the
math a particular
teacher teaches
…about the coherent
whole of K-8
Partnered with WestEd since 2007
 Learning Mathematics for Teaching /
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
 Intel Math Content Survey
 Attitude Survey
LMT / MKT Findings
LMT / MKT Findings con’t
•Effect size was small to moderate
•Statistically significant, given the sample size
IMC Findings
IMC Findings con’t
•Average teacher score rose 17%
•All cohorts showed statistically significant gains
What about the Common Core?
Currently working on an alignment
document to be completed in Spring
Aubrey Neihaus
[email protected]
The instructional practices and assessments discussed or shown are not
an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education.
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