Grade 9 and 10 Parents Ib Info Night [Autosaved]

The International Baccalaureate
An Introduction for Grade 9 & 10
Parents Guide at ISM
The IB Coordinator
• Mike Relf
• Contact: [email protected]
• Tel: +632 840 8673
• Office: 1066 (guidance)
• About me:
Teacher 18 years
Geography & ToK
UK, Jordan, Venezuela
Examiner ToK / Geography
▫ 2nd Year at ISM
▫ 3 children…
 not troubled by IB yet!
Goal… A Presentation in 4 Parts
• Part 1: About the IB Diploma…
a beginners guide
• Part 2: What options do I have
and how do I choose?
• Part 3: Advantages &
Disadvantages of the IB
• Part 4: Some University
• Q&A
Part1: What is the IB Diploma?…
• Challenging Two year PreUniversity High School
• Create Well Rounded & Well
Educated Individuals
• Balance of Breadth and depth
 What the IB Says…
 A Video Introduction from
some Ib students:
• At ISM…
• Open Door…
• Non-selective… but
• Diploma Vs Certificate Vs
ISM Diploma
The IB Philosophy
Life in the 21st century, in an
interconnected, globalized world,
requires critical-thinking skills and a
sense of international-mindedness,
something that International
Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Program
students come to know and understand.
is achieved
through the
IB Hexagon
How is it Assessed?
• Each subject is scored on a scale 1-7 (7 is best!)
• Students study 6 subjects
▫ Max subject score = 6x7 = 42
▫ ToK + EE = 0-3 points = 42+3 = 45! Perfect Score
▫ 2011
 104,998 diploma global candidates – 96 scored 45
(0.001%) – 193 scored 44 (0.002%)
 Average 29.5 pts
IB Candidate Numbers at ISM
Some Figures from May 2011
170 candidates sitting IB exams
113 Diploma candidates
111 achieved diploma
Average Total Points Score 34.4
Highest 44 (Smriti & Manny) (possible 45)
13 candidates scores over 40
ISM Results highlights 2011
Results trends
Compulsory Elements 1:
Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
• Philosophical Investigation
based around 2 key
 What do I Know?
 How do I know it?
 Assessment
 1 essay from a selection
prescribed by IB
 1 presentation – subject
chosen by student
Compulsory Element 2:
Extended Essay (EE)
• 4000 word investigation into a
student chosen academic
• Must follow strict academic
investigation in line with
university expectations
• Guided by supervisor
• Externally assessed
• Chance to develop an interest
/ academic depth
Compulsory Element 3:
Creativity Action Service (CAS)
• IB Diploma Requirement… you
must complete the CAS
requirements in order to obtain
a diploma – 150 hours
• As the IB States… “the CAS
program fosters student
awareness and appreciation of
life outside the academic
▫ It encourages you to develop
skills and experiences beyond
your current context
▫ It enables you to develop skills
beyond the academic
▫ It makes you a ‘better person’
Part 2: What Options do I Have &
How do I Choose?
• 4 Year Plan Process… begins in
Grade 9 and continues in Grade
10 – Guidance
• IB Diploma Vs Certificate Vs
ISM Diploma?
• Graduation Requirements
• Guidance Counselor Role
• Homeroom
• 20th 24th February Grade 10
Registration Week
Course Choices by IB Group
• Course Options at ISM
• Group1 – 1st language
▫ English, Korean, Japanese
• Group 2 – Language
▫ English, Mandarin, Japanese,
, Spanish, French… or second
First language inc. Filipino
• Group 3 – Social Studies
▫ Economics, Business &
Management, Geography,
History, Psychology,
Environmental Systems &
• Group 4 – Sciences
▫ Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Environmental Systems &
Societies*, Sports Exercise &
Health Science
• Group 5 – Mathematics
▫ Math Studies, SL, HL,
Computer Science
• Group 6 – The Arts & Electives
▫ Theatre, Film, Visual Arts,
▫ or another subject from any
Course Offerings…
IB Blog
Part 3: Advantages & Disadvantages of
the IB Diploma?
• Advantages
▫ Academic Rigor
▫ Become a ‘Better’ Person
▫ Opens more ‘doors’–
university / subjects
▫ International Recognition
▫ Mobile
▫ Challenge
▫ Learner Profile!
▫ Ask around and check out
the quotes…
Disadvantages of the IB Diploma
• Cost
• Time
• Organization
• Stress
• Academic pressure
• Not the easy option!
• Realistic Expectations
• Overload – caution
• Extra Curricular
• Organization
• Need?
Part 4: The Key Question…
How will the IB help my child in the
university entrance process?
• Click for IB Video
“The IB is well known to us for excellent
preparations. Success in an IB program
correlates well with success at Harvard.
We are always pleased to see the
credentials of the IB Diploma Program
on the transcript.”—Marilyn McGrath
“Send us prepared students a la
IB...It is the “best” high school prep
curriculum an American school can
offer.” —Marilee Jones, Former Director of
Undergraduate Admission, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology
Lewis, Director of Undergraduate Admission
Harvard University
“One of the advantages of an IB curriculum is its structure and quality. It is a coordinated
program, well established, well known and well respected. We know the quality of IB
courses, and we think the IB curriculum
is terrific.” — Christoph Guttentag, Director of Undergraduate Admission, Duke University
University Quotes… more of the same
• McGill has enthusiastically
recruited IB students for over two
decades. Even today, when
reviewing an application from an IB
Diploma candidate our admissions
officers can be assured of the
candidate’s strong and broad based
academic preparation. We have
seen that IB students embrace the
rigorous academic challenges of
university life and perform well in
their McGill programmes. As a
member of the College and
University Recognition Taskforce, I
can attest to the respected position
of the IB diploma at prestigious
universities throughout North
America. - Kim Bartlett - Director
of Admissions McGill University
• Recent studies on IB Diploma
Program graduates in university
confirm that they perform well and
have significantly higher grade point
averages and higher graduation
rates than students who did not
complete the IB Diploma Program.
Scores on IB assessments are also a
significant predictor of performance
in university. - IBO Higher Education
Research Group
• Sticky notes…
• Questions / concerns… stick
them up…
• Answer common ones then
others address in Q & A
session at the end
Video… Some ISM Advice from 2011
• The student perspective..
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