Helen Keller

By Terasa
The Early Years...
• Helen Keller was born in 1880 in Tuscumbia Alabama June 27.
• Helen Keller hobbies where learning fast and writing books.
• Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing at the age of 19 months.
• Helen Keller kick and cry because no one would under stand her.
Helen Keller famous because…
• Helen Keller was deaf when she was 19 months.
• Helen Keller was blind when she was 19 months .
• Helen Keller was learning so fast .
• Helen Keller try all her life to help people like her.
• Helen Keller try to speak even if she could not hear her shelf.
The Later Years…
• Helen Keller met presidents and kings.
• Helen Keller is helping people that are like her mostly.
• Helen Keller worked for the U.S.A foundation for the blind.
• Helen Keller wrote many books.
• Helen Keller went to many states asking for money to help the blind.
Helen Keller’s impact on other’s
• Helen Keller over came not hearing or seeing.
• Even thought she could not hear or see she still tried and never gave up.
• Helen helped people besides
.her shelf.
• Helen wrote an book for women rights.
My Opinion
• Helen was strong
• Helen was helpful
• Helen was fast learner
• Helen got mad
• Helen never gave up
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Fun facts
• Helen was called the wonder girl.
• During world war second Helen Keller visited some army men.
• People like the king wanted to meet Helen Keller.
• Helen Keller had a high fever when she was little and got vary sick.
• Helen became blind when she got sick.
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