a crazy day with codras

A Crazy Day with Cobras
Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrator: Sal Murdocca
The setting of this book is 1600 India, in the
time of the Great Moguls. Jack and Annie visit
the wealthiest of the Great Moguls, Shah
Jahãn. Jack and Annie visit Shah Jahãn’s home
called the Red Fort.
Main Charcters
• Annie is a young girl who lives in Frog Creek,
• Jack is Annie’s big brother.
• Shah Jahãn is one of the wealthiest Great
Moguls of 1600 India.
• Morning Breeze is an elephant who helps Jack
and Annie.
Jack and Annie have to save Penny the penguin by
finding the emerald rose. They have to go back in
history to 1600 India, to see Shah Jahãn at his home
called the Red Fort. They get the emerald rose in
return for giving Shah Jahãn Jack’s stories on past
adventures. Jack and Annie go to a parade and see an
elephant named Morning Breeze get freed. Jack and
Annie loose the emerald rose in a cobra’s nest and
Morning Breeze helps them get it back. In the end,
Shah Jahãn tells Jack and Annie about how much he
loved his wife. He built her a tomb of marble and called
it the Taj Mahal.
I recommend this book because it’s exciting
and creative. The best part was when Jack
and Annie drank a potion that made them
shrink to get the emerald rose.
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