Elizabethan Era Music

Elizabethan Era Music
By Clayton Hoff
Types of Music Played
• Simple Songs and Ballads were sung in the
villages and fields to ease the monotonous
tasks undertaken by the Lower Class.
• Elizabethan Music was sophisticated and
varied in forms, such as: Church Music, Court
Music, Street Music, Town Music, and Theatre
Who Played Music?
• Street Bands, known as “The Waits” were
official musicians in large English towns.
• Every noble man employed his own musician.
• Some Middle Class households employed at
least one servant who could play an
Entertainment Info
• Music was an important form of
entertainment to people in the Elizabethan
• The Elizabethan age saw the emergence of the
Anthem, the Madrigal, Opera, and Music
What was the feeling from Music?
• Elizabethan Music reflected all types of moods
and emotions.
• Elizabethan instruments was used during plays
to give a feeling or mood of a certain setting
or scene.
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• http://www.elizabethanera.org.uk/elizabethan-sports.htm
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