The Greening of ECA group 4 project

Group IV
Project 2012:
The Greening
of ECA
How to reduce our school’s
impact on the environment
Group IV Project Overview
 The
group 4 project is
a requirement of the
IB Diploma Program.
 It is intended to be
an interdisciplinary
project of Physics,
Biology and
collaboration and
group work.
Where humans meet the
 What
do people consume?
 What do people produce?
 What do people compete with?
 What are the impacts of these actions?
 How can the impacts be reduced or
 Can our actions benefit the environment
of the school and its surroundings?
What do people produce that
is not necessarily beneficial
What do we consume?
What are the alternatives
When two problems produce
a solution
 Problem
1: I need to heat my swimming
pool so that students will be comfortable
during swimming lessons.
have a lot of food waste from the
cafeteria, what can I do with it?
 We
can build a compost pile, get rid of
the excess food waste and heat the pool.
 I wonder what biology, chemistry and
physics knowledge we could apply to
make this work.
The Plan
September 12th
Introduction to the project
and campus tour.
IB Personal
Skills score
Virtual Learning
Days – Oct. 4th
and 5th
8 – 10
Research and document
examples of methods that
would decrease energy
environmental impact of
ECAs facilities.
ECA Group
IV rubric
October 17th
Group check in and report
back on research to inform
recommendations for
changes here at ECA.
IB Personal
Skills score
GREEN FAIR Wednesday
November 21st
Showcase your observation,
research and
recommendation for ECA.
ECA Group
IV rubric
and IB
Skills score
You will receive a score for each
of the following parts of your
Group IV project:
1. ECA score (using Group IV
Project Rubric)
2. Personal skills score (using IB
Personal Skills score rubric)
ECA grade using Group IV Project Rubric
You will be assessed on your Green Fair
presentation in the following categories:
Investigation and recommendation
Coherence and organization
Use of media
Personal skills score
You will be assessed during group work time at
school for this portion of your score.
The three aspects that are assessed are:
 Self-motivation and perseverance
 Working within a team
 Self-reflection
Your personal skills score is 12% of your Internal
Assessment score for your IB science exam.
 With
your group you will walk around ECA
observing aspects of facility use and energy
consumption that could be improved in terms
of environmental impact.
 You will need to document your observations
by taking notes, photographs and videos.
 You will research this particular aspect of ECA
to determine current energy consumption
and/or waste output to be able to
recommend improvements.
Student Groups
Group 1
Laura G.
Jake Z.
Karim N.
Group 5
Vita B.
Ruben O.
Cata D.
Group 9
Mignon D.
Claudia M.
Ena A.
Group 13
Valentina L.
Bai Chuan R.
Matias M.
Group 2
Alejandrina A.
Irene M.
Ignacio G.
Group 6
Sophia C.
Isabella P.
Xi C.
Group 10
Luis V.
Clarisa M.
Yuhan L.
Group 14
Anna D.
Luiza L.
Sachi K.
Group 3
Eleonora M.
Ceceila A.
Tanmay G.
Group 7
Eleni A.
Victoria A.
Kyyev G.
Group 11
Alessandra C.
Valentina C.
Leo S.
Group 15
Rodrigo N.
Maria Y.
Allan B.
Group 4
Fiona B.
Lucas P.
Sofi S.
Group 8
David F.
Palomoa P.
Enrico M.
Group 12
Tais C.
Marco M.
Dhanang D.