Process Safety Project. APPEA CEO Safety Leadership Forum 5 August

Process Safety
Improve process safety performance across the Australian oil and gas industry
 Establish consistent reporting of process safety performance and trends.
 Identify of opportunities for improvement
 Increase awareness and develop a common understanding of process safety
at all levels right across the industry
 Build capability to reduce process safety risk across the industry –Information
sharing, incidents, issues, solutions
 Develop common approaches and tools
Process Safety
History / Achievements:
 Established in 2012 as a priority leadership project by the CEO safety
leadership forum
 Reporting of lag indicators (Tier 1 & 2 – API Standard) to APPEA; analyse and
discuss incidents for sharing
 Utilise APPEA High Potential Alerts to share in a timely way any incidents and
root causes.
 Process Safety Forum established, open to all APPEA members. By invitation
include NOPSEMA/regulators; IChemE; service providers/contractors.
 Commenced benchmark review of solutions developed in other oil provinces
– strategies, guidelines and programs. (UK HSE, O&G UK, IChemE, CCPS)
Process Safety
Recommended Action
1 Forum to be replaced with an APPEA Process Safety Sub Immediate
Committee (to HSO Committee) to provide leadership for
Process Safety improvement
Nominations to be
sought via HSO
Committee Reps
2 Broaden focus of Process Safety Metrics
 Share experience & approach on capturing, analysing
and gaining benefit from Tier 3 & 4 metrics (API 754)
 Raise awareness of OGP leading indicators guideline
for consideration & adoption by companies
Process Safety
3 Formalise and manage linkages to international Process
Safety groups
30 Sep 14
4 Life extension project (e.g. UK KP4 report) response for
Australian industry
31 Mar 14
Process Safety
Lead: Ron Reinten
Process Safety
Recommended Action
IChemE Australian centre delivering Process Safety value to
APPEA members e.g. provide:
 Identify and communicate developing global best
practice/new practices in Process Safety
 Identify and communicate what is current global best
practice in process safety
 Process Safety awareness toolkit
 Adopt a common Process Safety competency
definitions/framework, workforce to leaders
31 Dec 13
31 Mar 14
30 Jun 14
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