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C6 Consortium
 C6 refers to the Central California Community Colleges
Committed to Change or C6.
 Two grants were applied for by West Hills on behalf of the
C6 (and funded).
 (1) DOL TAACCCT grant
 (2) California Education Policy Fund grant (CEPF). The
CEPF grant includes the common Assessment
Placement Test project.
C6 Consortium Grants
 BOTH of these grants are for C6 colleges.
 10 of the 13 C6 colleges participate in the DOL grant and
 11 of the 13 colleges participate in the CEPF grant.
The Trade Adjustment
Assistance Community College
and Career Training
C6 Consortium Grant Plan
The C6 Consortium has implemented eight inter-related and
inter-dependent elements that contribute significantly to
students of community and technical colleges:
Positive outcomes occur
• In retention
• In completion rates and
• In the reduction of time to complete
degrees and/or certificates
C6 Consortium Grant Plan
The Delta College Psychiatric Technician
Program has implemented a strategy of
eight researched-based Guiding
Principles to dramatically improve
student outcomes and to accelerate
C6 Consortium
Eight Researched-based
Guiding Principles
Integrated Program Design
Cohort Enrollment
Block Scheduling
Compressed Classroom Instruction
Embedded Remediation
Increase Transparency
Transformational Technology
Innovative Student Support Services
Integrated Program
•Classes are modularized into a pattern of 12 week
content based groups;
•Once “fundamentals” is successfully completed, the
students are offered a choice of 3 content pathways:
•Nursing Science,
•Developmental Disabilities, or
•Psychiatric Nursing,
(each content area consist of two 6 -week courses, which
are required to be taken sequentially).
John Schaefer
Felicia Semillo
Julie Kay
Cohort Enrollment
Julie Kay
The first cohort began in the Spring 2012 term and
consisted of 28 Stanislaus Students and 32 SJDC
2. A second cohort of 60 students began in January
3. A third cohort of 60 students began in May 2013.
4. A fourth cohort of 60 students will begin in January
• In spring 2012 the PT curriculum was partially
modularized into 10-week components and was
developed using evidence based practices.
Beginning spring of 2013, classes were fully
modularized into a pattern of 12-week content based
modules where each cohort enrolled in courses
together for the duration of the program.
Psychiatric Technician
Faculty from San Joaquin
Delta Community College,
Porterville Community
College, and West Hills
Community College
• The Psychiatric Technician Program at San
Psychiatric Technician
Joaquin Delta College is now a one year program
Faculty and Staff
consisting of seven 6-week modules.
• Each cohort is able to complete the program by
taking 2 content specific modules in Psychiatric
Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing and
Developmental Disabilities Nursing and 1 module in
Foundations of Nursing.
• At the end of the program, cohort members
receive a Psychiatric Technician Certificate and are
eligible to sit for the CA State Boards for licensure.
Embedded instruction is incorporated for two hours per week as
part of the clinical hours.
Adjunct Associate
Professor of English
Sheli Ayers
An instructor from the English department works with
Psychiatric Technician students to develop their :
•Professional Written Communication skills,
•Critical Thinking Skills,
•Ethical Reasoning skills, and
•Data Base Researching Techniques
Based on the labor market, industry demands, and regular input
from its industry advisory committee, the Psychiatric Technician
Program will update information available on the SJDC
Psychiatric Technician Website regarding program costs,
duration, success rates, job placement outcomes, and newly
developed recruitment materials. The Psychiatric Technician
Program will place a high priority on job placement by
sustaining engagement with existing industry partners and
developing new ones.
Technician Program
Staff Members
SJDC Instructors have worked on the C6 driven Open
Educational Resources (OER) for Developmental
Disabilities. The plan is to adopt in curriculum when
SJDC Instructors require students to use web enhanced
Each room assigned to PT instruction is in the process
of being upgraded with state of the art technology.
Innovative Student
Support Services
Student Success Center provides Psychiatric
Technician students with course tutoring and
In addition, basic skills students use on-line
modules on the Etudes platform and are able to
meet with a tutor outside of class in one of the
tutoring centers for additional assistance.
Julie Kay
Rosalva Ibarra
Two New Stockton Facilities
Hiring Psychiatric Technicians
Department of State Hospitals (DSH)
California Health Care Facility-Stockton (CHCF) (Medical)
• Opened in July 22, 2013
What is a Psychiatric Technician?
 An entry-level health care provider
who is responsible for care of
mentally disordered and
developmentally disabled clients.
 A licensed provider with a similar
scope of practice as a licensed
vocational nurse, but with more
Psychiatric and Developmental
Disabilities experience.
Demand for Healthcare
Workers in the Stockton region
The California Department of Corrections Facility in
Stockton has reported a need to hire:
• 426 Psychiatric Technicians
• 40 Senior Psychiatric Technicians/Supervisors
• 183 RNs
Plus an additional need for supervisory level health care
professionals for the facility.
What Is The Starting Salary
Range For A Psychiatric
• $15- $27 Per Hour
• $30,720 - $51,840 Per Year
For more information about the Psychiatric Technician Profession:
Other Agencies Hiring Psych Techs
 Day Treatment Centers
 Developmental Centers
 Psychiatric Hospitals & Clinics
 Psychiatric Technician Programs
 Geropsychiatric Centers
 Residential Care Facilities
 Vocational Training Centers……and others!
SJDC Psych Tech
• C6 Number of Students Served
• 225 in term of C6 grant
• Faculty
• 2 Full Time
• 1 Full-Time Industry Provided
• 8 Adjunct
Clinical Partners
• San Joaquin County Behavior
•Central Valley Training Center (CVTC)
Health Services
• St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health
•Redwood School
• St. Joseph’s Medical Center
• San Joaquin General Hospital
• United Cerebral Palsy
• Adult Activity Center
•LaSalette, long-term care
•Creekside, long-term care
•Wagner Heights, long-term care
•Crestwood, long-term care
Department of State Hospitals-Stockton
First Clinical Rotations begin September 30, 2013
SJDC Psych Tech
• Students
• Approximately 60 Students per Cohort
Four Cohorts total (Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Spring 2014)
• Approximately 240 students total
• Commitment for grant 225 students
• Current Student Numbers
• 53 graduates, December 2012
• 108 current students
• Curriculum
• Seven 6-Week Modules
Psychiatric Nursing, Developmental Disabilities, Medical Surgical Nursing,
• New LVN/PT Board approved curriculum (Fall 2012)
• Embedded Basic Skills
Embedded Instruction – 2 Clinical Hours
• Professional Communication
• Interpersonal and Writing Skills
• Note taking skills, Paraphrasing, Summarizing
• Critical Thinking Skills
• Ethical Reasoning
• Analyzing Nursing Articles
• Researching Data Bases (Library Databases)
• APA Documentation Instruction and Implementation
Budget – C6 Grant
Salary and Benefits
Supply/Instructional Supply
Assessment Tests
Indirect Costs
Grant Amount Total = $1,515,000.00
Program Marketing
• January 1, 2011 Record Article by Alex Breitler, Record Staff Writer
Delta to offer training for new prison jobs
Psychiatric techs can earn close to $60,000 a year
Recordnet Archives
• June 9, 2013 follow-up Record Article by Alex Breitler, Record Staff
Golden opportunity
Dozens upon dozens of psychiatric technicians trained by S.J. Delta College
prepare for their new careers at Stockton's medical prison
Recordnet Archives
Program Marketing
June 26, 2013
Public Information Session
• Tillie Lewis Theater
• 241 Community members and
interested students attended
Ms. Goeman’s Summer 2013 NURS PT 11 L Group
C6 Consortium Grants
California Education Policy Fund grant (CEPF).
The CEPF grant includes the common
Assessment Placement Test project.
Anticipated outcomes of your
organization’s efforts
The C6 Consortium is proposing to implement regional
policy reforms as a potential model for state-wide policy
The anticipated short term policy outcomes of C6
Consortium efforts are:
• Use of a common placement test across all colleges
The C6 Consortium will support efforts to Assembly
Bill 743 by providing data and support to
implementation of a common assessment system.
Anticipated outcomes of your
organization’s efforts
Agreement on common cut scores for placement test•The C6 Consortium supports efforts to Assembly Bill
743 by providing data and support for implementation
of a common assessment system.
•Alignment of curriculum between 12th grade and college
freshman year
Anticipated outcomes of your
organization’s efforts
• Implementation of priority registration for targeted groups to
improve degree outcomes• The C6 consortium can measure outcomes as students
progress through intermediate stages toward degree
• Create high school policy to establish a common “Senior Year
Experience” that requires the following:
• college readiness embedded into instructional delivery of
• course content changes, and
• math review for students not placing into college level
The CEPF Grant
Common Assessment Placement Test
 McCann Associates selected to develop customized
placement test for pilot project
Customization and Alignment of Assessment
Diagnostic Capabilities
The CEPF Grant
Common Assessment Placement Test
Cross-sector core regional team
Cross-sector core faculty team
College technical team
Frequent and transparent communication with
college, including test administrators
McCann Associates
The CEPF Grant
Common Assessment Placement Test
San Joaquin Delta College Workgroup
Reading Adaptive/Linear Test
Diane Oren,
Writing Adaptive/Linear Test
Vickey Aubrey,
Dr. Marcos Contreras
Jacqueline Schwegel,
Math Adaptive/Linear Test
Dr. Suzanne Lindborg,
Dr. Nick Bykov
Matt Wetstein , Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction
Stephanie Quitoriano
2012 PT Cohort
December 2012 Psychiatric
Technician Pinning Ceremony
December 2012 Psychiatric
Technician Pinning Ceremony
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