Practice Management
• Taught practice management since 2002
• Developed rotation in 2007 to expose DVM students to “real
world” and as outreach to practice owners
• With Novartis & Hill’s support, program has achieved great
accolades (seen in UGA CVM Annual Report, Georgia
Magazine, Georgia Trend)
• 90 practices have participated in rotation and/or outreach
efforts. Each receiving 200+ hours of work.
• MBA grad assistants also helped with data collection
• New collaboration, two students from U of FL CVM will be
participating in PMR
Practice Management
Rotation Services
2. Financial Analysis (compare with industry benchmarks)
P.M. Software Audit (review categories, mark-ups, discounts)
3. Fee Analysis (activity based costing services)
4. Revenue/Compliance Analysis (Preferences, DVM
Marketing Audit/Strategic Marketing/Demographics
Buy/Sell Hospital Valuations
1. Workflow/Communication Observations (most favorite!)
Break-even/feasibility analysis for new equipment
Whatever else the owner wants and we think is doable.