the role of social work in influencing social policy

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Bonnie Schroeder, MSW, RSW
Regional Director, Eastern Ontario
OASW Provincial Board of Directors
The Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) is the
voice of social workers in Ontario.
OASW is a voluntary, provincial, non-profit bilingual
association for social workers.
All practising members have a university degree in social
work at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral level.
Incorporated in 1964, OASW has approximately 4200
members and 15 branches across the province.
What is the difference? – Association and College
In Ontario, the role of professional associations is separate and distinct
from the role of professional regulatory bodies.
The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
(OCSWSSW) is a regulatory body whose primary duty is to serve and
protect the public interest.
The College’s mandate is to regulate the practice of social work and
social service work and to govern its members.
The interests and concerns of the profession are served by belonging to
both organizations.
To learn more about the role of the regulatory body for social workers in
Ontario, visit
The role of OASW is:
to provide critical analysis of provincial government social policies
to advocate for reforms to policies and programs to ensure that all
members of the community have the same basic rights, protections,
opportunities and social benefits
to provide critical analysis of government policies and practice that
impact on social wok practice
to advocate on behalf of the profession when there are threats
or impingements on practice
to enhance the understanding of the role of social workers by the
public, the media, government and other professions
to provide professional practice and employment supports, as well
as tangible and intangible benefits to members
The strength of OASW's voice and the issues it can address
are dependent upon the commitment of individual social
workers to support the work of OASW through membership.
Join OASW:
to support professional and social advocacy initiatives
to keep informed on current issues related to social work practice
to access professional development and employment opportunities
to network with social workers in similar fields of practice
to get advice on workplace issues
to be eligible for special services and benefits available only to
members (e.g., substantially discounted professional liability insurance)
Professional Practice
Continuing Competency
Employment Services
Private Practice Services
Tangible Benefits and
Leadership and Networking
Social Work Week
OASW in Action - Advocacy
Under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulation, SW authorized “medical
Ontario Pre-Budget Consultation, 2011
Amendment to the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998; Use of
the Title “Doctor”, 2010
Bill 179: Regulated Health Professions Statute Law Amendment Act,
5-Year Review of the Auto Insurance Act, 2008
Psychotherapy Act, 2007
Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007
Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998
OASW in Action - Promotion
YouTube Videos: The Face of Social Work in Ontario, 2012
 Video #1 - Hope:
 Video #2 - Audrey:
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OASW in Action - Role Statements
 Social Work Skills & Knowledge in Health Care (2012)
 Role Statement and Procedures for Social Workers in the
Motor Vehicle Accident Sector (2012)
 Role of Social Work in Mental Health (2006)
 Role of Social Work in Hospital-Based Health Care (2005)
 Role of Social Work in Community-Based Health Care (2005)
 Role of Social Work in Primary Health Care - Family Health
Teams (2005)
OASW in Action - Position Papers
 Social Workers: Key Players in the Provision of Mental Health
and Addictions Services (2012)
 Social Workers: Addressing the Needs of Patients and
Families in a Changing Healthcare System (2009)
 Social Work, Primary Care and Family Health Teams in
Ontario: Delivering Comprehensive Family-Centered Care
OASW in Action - Coalitions
 Campaign 2000
 Coalition on the Physical Punishment of Children and Youth
 Alliance of Professional Associations for Community-Based
Therapy Services (APACTS)
 Coalition of Regulated Health Professional Associations and
Allied Organizations
 Bridging Employment Program for Internationally Educated
Social Work Professionals
 OASW NewsMagazine
 Registered Social Workers: Good Therapy for Business, 2012
 Elder Abuse: A Practical Handbook for Service Providers Second Edition, 2009
 Legal Guide for Social Workers - 2nd Edition, 2009
 Guidelines for Social Workers in Private Practice, 2006
 Generating Your Own Employment: An Introductory
Handbook for Social Workers, 2005
 How to Conduct an Effective Job Search, 2005
Professional Development & Educational Grants
LMS PROLINK Professional Liability Insurance Program
OASW Job Search Initiative -
OASW Annual Student Membership Award
Virtual Networking Groups:
Family Health Teams
Home Care
School Social Workers
Francophone/Bilingual Social Workers
MVA-Auto Insurance-Disability Sector
Private Practice (2 groups < > 5 years)
In 2012, the slogan for Social Work Week in Ontario is "Social Workers Help People Get Back on
2. Social workers work with individuals and families across all social, economic and age groups.
3. Few professions match social work for the wide variety of settings in which they work and the
range of services they provide. TRUE/FALSE
4. Social workers advocate for change in social conditions that restrict access to equitable
services. TRUE/FALSE
5. Social determinants of health play a crucial role in overall health and well-being. TRUE/FALSE
6. Social workers assist people to resolve problems that affect their day-to-day lives. TRUE/FALSE
7. Social workers focus on people's strengths, look at people's problems within the context of their
families, workplace and communities, and consider the connection between personal problems
and larger social issues. TRUE/FALSE
8. The role of social work is well understood and does not need to be promoted with members of
the public, employers and colleagues in other fields of practice. TRUE/FALSE
9. The title "social worker" is protected under provincial law in Ontario and can only be used by
individuals registered with the OCSWSSW.. TRUE/FALSE
10.The OASW is the voice of social workers in Ontario. TRUE/FALSE
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Shira Moalem, PhD (c)
OASW Student Director
Bonnie Schroeder, MSW, RSW
OASW Regional Director, Eastern