RSBY-CHIS Registration 2015-16

Beneficiary Data Collection for 2015-16
Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna - RSBY
Provide protection to BPL households from
financial liabilities arising out of health
shocks that involve hospitalisation
• No Age limit. Covers existing diseases
• Empowering the beneficiary with choice of
private and public health service providers
• IT enabled
• Portable
• Cash less and paper less transactions
• Business model for all stakeholders
Who can Register
• Those who are not yet registered with
RSBY/CHIS and fall under the eligibility
category decided by the Government.
RSBY Category
Street Vendors
Domestic Workers
Beedi Workers
MGNREGS (15 Days minimum)
Rag Pickers
Mining Workers
Rikshaw Pullers
Sanitation Workers
CHIS Category
Fishermen Welfare Fund Board Member
Fishermen Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Fishermen Family
Buildng & Constructon Workrs WelfreBoard Pentioner
Agri Workers Welfare fund Board Member
Agri Workers Welfare fund Board Pensioner
Khadi Workers Welfare Fund Board Member
Khadi Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Handloom Workers Welfare Fund Board Member
Handloom Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Tailoring Welfare Fund Board Member
Tailoring Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
CHIS Category
Coir Workers Welfare fund Board Member
Coir Workers Welfare fund Board Pensioner
Bamboo Workers Welfare Fund Board Member
Bamboo Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Cherukida Thottam Workers Welfare Fund Board Member
Cherukida Thotam Workers WelfareFund Board Pesioner
Laundry Workers Welfare Scheme Members
Laundry Workers Welfare Scheme Pensioner
Barber-Beautician Workers Welfare Fund Board Member
Barber-Beautician Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Artisans and Skilled Workers Welfare Board Member
CHIS Category
Artisans and Skilled Workers WelfareBoard Pensionr
Unorgsnizd Retird Workrs PensionFund2008 Pensioner
Cashew Workers Welfare Board Pensioner
Toddy Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Abkari Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Motor Workers Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Head Loading Worker Welfare Fund Board Pensioner
Lottery Agents and Sellers Welfare Board Member
Lottery Agents and Sellers Welfare Board Pensioner
Shops&Commercial Establshmnt Welfare - Member
Kerala Automobile Workers Welfare Scheme Member
CHIS Category
Kerala Autorikshaw Workers Welfare Scheme Member
Ornament Workers
Auto / Taxi Driver
Physically Challenged
Ashraya Family Member
Anganwadi Worker / Helper
Endosulfan Victim
ASHA Workers
Kannur Cantonment Worker
Widow Pension Holder
• Social Security Pension Holder
CHIS Category
• Old Age Pension Holder
• Inmate of Destitute Home
• Families with Income less than 600
Documents Required
• Ration Card
• Document proving the eligibility of the
• AADHAR (if available)
RSBY/CHIS –Registratio Portal
(for training purpose use )
• Open Source
• Online
• Live Monitoring of the Data
Center Registration
• One time Center Registration is required for all
the users
• Provide the mobile number and correct
address (Phone number is mandatory)
• Once the registration is complete, user will be
automatically logged out and will need to
login again
• The main menus will appear only after center
registration and relogin
Process Flow
• Portal Login through user name and password.
• On the Registration Tab click the RSBY CHIS
• Validating beneficiary through ration card.
• If the beneficiary is eligible then go ahead
with registration process.
Additional fields in the portal
• Only Pincode is added in the registration page.
Points to Remember
• By loggingin in to the portal, the entrepreneur agrees to
the terms and conditions of the registration process
• Only one registration is allowed for one Ration Card
• Registration for families without ration card will be
announced later
• Only one member of the family need to come for
• Beneficiary should not be charged for registration
• No extra charge should be levied for various applications
other than mentioned in the Manual
• Printout of the registration slip with instruction on the
backside should be given to the beneficiary
• Copies of the documents should be maintained at the
registration centre for verification purpose and should hand
over the same to District Centre
• Edit facility is available only for the registrations done in the
same login ID
• Deletion request will be processed at District Level Only
• Incorrect data entry may lead to cancellation
• Insist for signature of the beneficiary in registration. slip to
avoid any disputes in future
• Pay attention to the ‘News Section’ in the Home page for
• Enable popup in the browser – refer help section.
Category priority
Ration card income below 600
Eligibility Criteria-Points to remember
• For a single family single eligibility criteria is good
enough to join the RSBY/CHIS.
• Always use the category priority for Multiple
selection of eligibility criteria
• Below 600 ration card is not an eligibility criteria,
typing the ration card income in the appropriate
column is enough to join the RSBY/CHIS.
• Always use below 600 ration cards as a last
option for eligibility criteria
• Verify the original ration card before the
registration process
• Verify the ration card number before clicking
the submit button
• Collect and keep the copy of supporting
document for further verification.
• Type the HOF name correctly, ensure that the
typed HOF spelling is correct by cross verifying
with support document
• Don’t type English name in place of Vernacular
• Don’t type the Phone number of Akshaya as a
beneficiaries phone number, if beneficiary
doesn’t have phone number type neighbors or
relatives phone number.
Sample Registration
full malayalam.htm
mobile number wrong.htm
spouse issue.htm
spouse issue1.htm
Registration Demo
• Registration Portal
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