Tapping the Inner Poet in All Students

Tapping the Inner Poet in
All Students
Judy Dietzen jdietzen@psd1.org
Shannon Lockard slockard@psd1.org
• Understand that any poem can become
a poetry frame
• Analyze content reading for key ideas
and academic vocabulary in order to
create poetry
• Apply strategies to content areas to meet
state standards
• Identify the steps of the gradual release
model as it applies to the use of poetry
Two Voice Poems
Stephen Krashen
Janet Allen
Isabelle Beck
Robert J. Marzano
Poetry Frames
• Two Voice Poem
• Stars are Silver Reindeer
• Found Poetry
• I Am
• Notice Nature
• Endless possibilities
ELD Standards Met (Just a Few)
Advanced 9-12
Listening and Speaking 1.2.1 Distinguishes between
literal and implicit meaning in a single statement or
message, including metaphors and idioms with
teacher guidance.
2.3 Use appropriate ways of speaking that vary based
on audience and subject matter.
Writing 2.3.1 Uses a variety of forms/genres
3.2.2 Selects and uses literary sound devices in prose
and poetry
Two Voice Poem
Math Performance Expectation (PE)
6.1.A Compare and order non-negative
fractions, decimals, and integers using the
number line, lists, and the symbols <, >, or =.
With a partner, write a Two Voice Poem about
Fractions and Decimals.
Two Voice Poem Example
• Fraction and Decimal
• Woodrow Wilson and David Lloyd
How could you use two voice
poems with your content area
to improve comprehension of
key ideas and vocabulary?
The Stars are Silver Reindeer
“…graphic and symbolic
representations of similarities
and differences enhance
students’ understanding of
p16 Classroom Instruction that Works by
Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock
The Stars are Silver Reindeer
• Add standard we are working on for
math, social studies, or science
The Stars are Silver Reindeer Example
Social Studies GLE (7th grade) 1.1.2 Analyzes the
relationship between the actions of people in
Washington State and the ideals outlined in
the State Constitution.
Stars are Silver Reindeer Example
Citizens are shiny, colorful gems
Or Baskin Robbins Ice Cream,
M and M's.
They are sugar for candy
Frosting on a cake
Fun on Friday.
They are the shoes on our feet.
They are water for a tree.
Citizens are shiny, colorful gems.
How could you use the “Stars
are Silver Reindeer” with your
content area to improve
comprehension of key ideas
and vocabulary?
Found Poetry
• 9-11. ES3A Interactions among solid
Earth…have resulted in ongoing evolution of
the Earth Systems.
• Students are expected to:
Interpret current rock formations of the Pacific Northwest as
evidence of past geologic events. Consider which Earth
processes that may have caused these rock formations (e.g.,
erosion, deposition, and scraping of terrain by glaciers, floods,
volcanic eruptions, and tsunami).
Found Poetry: work time
Found Poetry Frames:
 Read the document in your group
 Highlight key words or phrases: interesting, vivid
and academic vocabulary.
 Choose words or phrases that match and explain
the standard
 Organize your words to fit the found poetry frame
 Write your poem on the 11X17 paper provided.
 Add a Title and the names of your group members
 Post your poem on the wall
Closure Activity
• With a partner read the poems posted on the
• When you are done return to your seats and
write to the prompt in your learning log.
How could you use the found
poetry with your content area
to improve comprehension of
key ideas and vocabulary?
I Am Poetry Frame
I Am _________________
I am _________________________
I wonder ______________________
I hear ________________________
I see _________________________
I want ________________________
I am __________________________
I Am Poem
 I am an Ancient Greece teacher
 I am a soldier
 School Calendar
Endless Possibilities
Let’s look
in your
Poetry Frames in Your Class
• Select a topic you teach and a content
• Identify reading materials you could use:
textbook, document, novel excerpt, etc.
• Create a plan for implementation that could
include grouping, frame choice, materials
choice, closure activity.
Book Resources
Two Voice Poetry Books
Web Resources
Web Resources
fault.asp (social studies district web page)